Friday, August 7, 2009

Annnnnnd the winner is!!!!!!!

with a little of.......

Thats RIIIIIIGHT! We'll be flying down to Vegas, staying there for 2-3 days fitting in absolutely EVERYTHING possible, to shows, shopping, eating, and seeing friends and meeting our friends friends(connections are good for the next trip) Then we'll rent a car and drive to Dana Point CA, where my friend lives and we'll chill with him for a few days, going to LA, walking down Rodeo Drive, seeing the sights of hollywood, try some surfing, and meet up with my old roomie.....and get some sun while everyone back in Canada will be freezing their na-na's off.... then we'll either catch a flight out of LAX or drive back to Vegas and head home!

Doesn't that sound like fun... What a wonderful birthday/'pre mid-mid' life crisis week!

Anyone who wants to come is more than welcome to join us!


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Sarah C said...

Yippee for Vegas... oh how I love Vegas!!! Let me know if you want some ideas on cool places to go, ect!

Ps. You never comment on my blog... dork!