Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeling's show....

gosh, I love that song by Colbie Calliet if you haven't heard it I highly suggest it....

My feelings lately have been somewhat different from my crazy, insanely fun self. I've had many different emotions lately, and while some may blame it on 'that time of the month' its untrue( I wouldn't look so loopy if I could just blame it on that) but things are getting better.... and worse at the same time. I've put some of my grumpy,tired issues aside and now I've got feelings/emotions of gratitude for all the blessings I have in my life. My life isn't as bad as I make it out to be.

Right now, the feelings I have are of inadequicy(sp) totally spelt that wrong, but Cora the Relief Society President is gone, and I've kind of been the one whos making sure no one goes less active, and the place doesn't get burnt far so good.... I just really feel like there are so many more people that are more qualified for this position and I really don't know if I'm making the most of out the chances I have. I've been trying, but somehow I just don't feel like I'm quite measuring up. Sunday is the Presidency message, and its my turn to give the lesson, and normally I'll be thinking about my lesson for a good few weeks before, and normally I don't really get 'inspired' so to speak until a few days before. Well it's Thursday and I'm still not inspired, and I leave for Taber tomorrow at 4:30... does anyone see a problem with this? Cause I sure do! I've got a few ideas but nothing that "speaks to me" nothing that I really want to teach about. And I'm the teacher that teaches the emotional lessons about being Righteous Women, and Facing Adversity.... and I just don't know if I'm feeling up to one of those right now! I guess I'm not complaining right now, I'm not too sure how I feel right now. I'm thankful for the chance I have to serve in this calling, and I know I've come along way, and I know I will continue to do so.

On a side note, I get to hang out with the very pregnant Stacey Hall tonight, we're getting together after a very long hiatus. It's the last time we'll probably have to have a little girlies night before the little munchkin comes so we're taking full advantage of it! I'm excited to see her, and I'm grateful for the example she's been to me! I just love her!

Oh ya..... only 5 days til I get to see big deal!


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