Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apparently I got something!

I just had a blogging buzz of energy... I just really feel bad not having pictures, and I know that I can go back and I can add them in later, but I've been trying to just do it all at once... only problem.... I only have time to really blog at work, cause I'm not home enough to blog and add pictures... bummer! I'll have to try and find time. i've been really alot better at taking pictures to ADD to my blog, I just have to learn to add them... So I'm going to do a little bit more updating I guess...

I've recently found a bunch of my friends blogs... and I would love to add them to my list, but the problem is, is I don't know how to make a list... how do I get peoples names to appear on the side of my blog?

Last night I went to watch hockey again... Travis is always the highlight of my week...hes my friend who doesn't really know how to play hockey... last night he played in jeans, an apx shirt, with NO hockey equiptment, and he was skating down the ice with his stick behind him HAHA!!! I love it! he's soooo funny.. we had to leave early last night because I was wearing shorts, and I was tired... I was almost grumpy tired so we left! We missed a brawl apparently... sad! Last night some of us girls went to go see the Ugly Truth.....HAHAHAHA! it was soo funny. I'm always reminding myself, of the main character in all these new movies... they're always socially awkward and really random, and that about sums me up in a nutshell....

Last night I was talking to a girl I played basketball with in highschool and it was really funny, cause we were "remembering when:" and seriously some of the things she reminded me of were classic and I can't believe I forgot about them. For an example,Cheryl reminded me of when I was in grade 12 we were at a basketball tourney up in Edmonton and it was after our first game we all went back to the hotel to shower before dinner, and I was sharing a room with Kessy, Diane and Blaire(whom I love DEARLY). I was in the shower, I slipped and grabbed the shower curtain and it came falling down on me and I fell and screamed bloody murder, and when someone screams everyone runs to see what happened right?? RIGHT well the bathroom door was unlocked and everyone came in to make sure I was ok, and here I was just getting up from slipping in the shower. The curtain was a clear one, and I was holding it up against me so no one could see anything and then blaire took a picture, and it turns out that I pretty much just should have been naked thats how much you could see.... hmm I still don't know where those pictures circulated too :s Then there was the YEAH TOAST song by bob and tom that we had to play before every day, we sand to spice girls during away games, and we played pranks when we were at tournements. Donna yelling at Kelsy for eating a footlong sub, soup and cookies right before a game... ahh the list could go on and on forever! -->but there was a reason for this, and the reason is, is I WANT TO COACH BASKETBALL!!! soooo when the school year starts up soon, I'm going to call a couple of the highschools within a short distance from my house and ask them if they need any coaching staff, I miss basketball, and I miss being in shape from basketball.... So I want to coach. I've coached volleyball ,and let me tell you I had so much fun. I'd start out with anything but I'd love to work my way up to coaching varsity. I obviously don't have the experience to coach that yet, even the assistant JV girls coach or something to just get my foot in the door... SOOOOO if anyone knows of a highschool here in Calgs that is looking for a basketball coach, send them my way! I promise I'm alot more responsible now than I was back in highschool! I will not try to convince my coaches son to sneak out of our bedroom window to go to the gas station across the street to get us junkfood cause our coaches wouldn't let us :)

Well, I think thats all for now! I've gotta plan my workouts for my training... wish me luck!


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Sarah C said...

Can't you just put your pictures on a memory stick and then you can up load them at work.

Ok, the blog list. When you are logged in and looking that your blog there will be a link in the top right corner that says "coustomize"... click that. Then it will come up with the page that says "add and arrage page elements"... click "add a gadget". It will come up with a pop up window. Pick "blog list"... then you just add the http:// addresses of the person you want and click add. It will automatically put it on the side in the order of newest post to oldest, and it will change when people post. I love them!!!

If that doesn't make sense let me know and I will try to explain it again.