Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got nothing....

I know I really need to blog, but I'm just in a rut, I've actually done some pretty fun things lately, but I just haven't had the time/energy to blog about them. I've had some pretty wicked bbq's went to a few sweet parties, and stayed up way to late laughing my head off, getting kidnapped to almost BC cause Kman and I got lost trying to get to the Bishops house, Playing football and all that other wicked awesome summer stuff. I'm going home Friday to float down the Canal in Barnwell... its a classic activity for people around Taber, and it doesn't matter how old you are, its never uncool to float down it. I get to hang out with my lovely Kathryn who is home from BYUI for 7 weeks and I'm excited. It's never a dull moment with her. We stay up late talking/laughing, go for car rides, star gaze, talk about boys, and dress up :)

I just want everyone to know that my BEST bestest friend Harrison Bateman will be home late Monday night and I get to see him TUESDAY!!!! I am sooo excited. I've miss him soo much. He wasn't supose to come home until the 12th but he'll be home the 3rd. I'm soooooo excited. I got an email from him a few days ago outlining when he'll be home! and I'm counting down the days until I have a friend... I love that boy, and I'm excited for all the fun we'll have for the rest of August


<3 Lach

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