Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pre-'Mid-Mid' Life Crisis

Ok, so I was having a conversation with a few friends of mine, and we all agreed that most men/women go thru their midlife crisis'around is it safe to say that theres such thing as a 'mid-mid' life crisis? Say between 25? Well I think so, and since my next birthday is going to be 24 I figured its a PRE mid-mid life crisis. It's no secret that I don't really enjoy my birthday that much(because of previous birthdays....I figured it's probably not going to get better after I hit 25(especially if I'm not married, or have a family) SO I'm going to party for my 24th birthday. Mandy and I are looking at deals on places we can go, and we weclome anyone else who wants to come with us! Here are our options

Las Vegas, NV
Now this appeals to me for so many reasons. 1. It's pretty close 2. Theres SOOO much to do 3. My birthday is in the winter and it will still be hot 4. I have friends there that could chill with us 5. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ha ha!
What a way to spend my last potential best year... ha ha

Orange County, CA
Who wouldn't wanna go spend 10 days in Cali? This also would be a wicked spot for so many reasons. 1. LA is one of the American cities I want to tour 2. I have an old Roomate and a couple other good friends who will take the liberty of showing us a chill time. 3. It's pretty close and could be coupled with the Vegas trip, My buddy Landon lives 4 hours from Vegas 5. I'm obsessed with Laguna Beach and would love to check out the sights!

Middle of Feb.... who wouldn't love going to a beach like one of these? I sure as heck would.

Miami FL,
Another American City that I would love to visit, I've never been much of a partier, so I don't think I could handle living in a city like this, but I'd love to spend a week laying by the pool, meeting the chill/laid back people that just play all the time, and never work.... :)

New York City, NY
Yet another American city I want to visit. There is so much history in NY and I would love to just be a typical sight-seer....however.... it might be cold... So I feel like I'd really want to just save that for a summer trip...Maybe Summer 2010 :)

Anyways, give me your feed back, places you've gone, places you've loved/hated and why! I'm looking forward to my pre mid mid life crisis trip.


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Sarah C said...

VEGAS!!! I love vegas. I want Todd to take me to vegas for my 25th. Only eight more months for me.... yikes!