Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You have to Give, to recieve!

So, pretty much I have been begging people to blog about me, for the simple fact that I want a blog post dedicated to me on several blogs! I just love seeing my name, and hearing people say nice things about me! HELL YEAH! ha ha...... Soooooo here's the challenge that I'm putting forth, everyone that reads this, blog about me(a short one liner if you don't know me well, or a huge long post if you have funny stories about me....KIMBA...) I've been begging her all day to blog about me, so I should really blog about her! And anyone else who reads this......and in RETURN, I will blog about you, and any stories that I have of you.......

So, here is my Ode to the American Asian......also more culturally accepted is known as KIM LANCE! I <3 this girl THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIS much, she is pretty much my most fave un-white person I know(ha ha if any of you know us you know that this is not at all offensive, and I hope no one takes this in an offensive way) I met her while I was going to school in Utah, she was really sarcastic(I think thats where I got most of it from) I was scared of her at first cause she was A.) Asian B.) she was sarcastic and like I've said before, I can DISH it, but I can't take it....and I didn't want to cry C.) I thought she was in an asian mob(Iknow I know.... a stupid little Canuck) As I got to know her I remember driving with her in her new car, and bringing her snacks while she was in class cause I lived super close to school... I'd bring her and Shalee stuff....(whatever happened to that girls??) hmmmmm shes from Utah so shes probably married with 7 kids by now! I love talking to him, and I love getting random texts from her cause they always without a doubt make me laugh, We email at work back and forth like its nobodies business....... ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I've convinced her that Canada is cool.....because she's coming to Calgary for 10 days this summer....... AND I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED! She's bringing acouple of her friends up with her, and I met one of them last time I was in Utah and she's such a nice girl. It's good to know that while I'm away.........kimmy is being taken care of!

KIMMMMMMBA! I'm soooo excited to see you, and I'm excited to have fun with you CANADIAN style! HOLLLLLLLA!

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