Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little on the serious side........

So, I don't really like to blog about serious things, because that usually means debates, and I don't really like getting into heated arguements over things, so I choose not to give my opinions about certain doesn't mean I don't have an opnion on them, but I've found that being Member of the Church(Latter-Day Saints) We've(I) have different view/opinions on things that the rest of the world in this day in age. This post has a few different aveunes I've considered taking, and I was going to post about it last night but I chose to sit on it for a little bit.

First off, Prop 8..........I know, I know.... a VERY touchy subject...especially with people that I work with, which is one of the reasons we don't really discuss religion or politics....someone is bound to lose an eye. I KNOW with every fiber in my being that marriage is ordained of God, and it is between a Man A.N.D a Woman. That each gender brings something special and important to a relationship that could not be brought together any other way. The mans role in the family is to provide for the family, and the mother is the nurturer. For more infomation on how strong the Church views family, visit the link below. The family is the basic unit on the earth today. We believe that a family is FOREVER, this is why we are sealed together for time and all Eternity in Temples. Mothers and Fathers have the chance to be with their children in this life, and in the life to come. What a blessing it is, to have that knowledge here on the earth today! I am grateful for it. One thing that really impressed me, about a month or so ago I was watching the Miss America Pagent and it came down to the finals and the judges were asking each contestant a question. The California contestant was sure to win, but Perez Hilton asked something about Gay Marriages and if she thinks they should be legalized, and she took a stand, she explained that she believes that marriage should stay between a man and a women in keeping with the tradition, and since then she's taken alot of heat for that statement, and as a result did not win. Thank you Miss California for publicly saying what we have all been trying to say for a long time.

The second 'serious' topic that I would like to blog about that affects me/the people around me personally is that of the economy. I've seen what the ecomony has done to people I work with, and people that I know. Stocks have dropped leaving people with virtually nothing, multi-million dollar companies have gone bankrupt resulting in thousands of jobs lost. Where I work is experiencing a heck of a time at present, and we thought that we would never be in jepordy that our jobs were secure, and if I've learned anything about this time which we live in right now....nothing is secure, and we should always be grateful for the things we have in our lives. Recently, a few people from my dept. have been let go due to changes and cut backs that have been made. All the 'temp/causal employees have been let go and now we're having to make do with as little as possible, but enough to ensure the work is being done..... and no one cares about our sanity. When I started with the ACB(Alberta Cancer Board) I was casual full-time, and then in Sept 08 I became full time permanent a choice in which I am grateful I made. The girl who filled my job as casual was just told that June 15th would be her last day. People with mortgages and families are being let go with no more than a weeks notice. I am thankful for a secure job(as of now) I might not always like what I do, or who I work with but it's better than being jobless in this time when everyone is on hiring freezes. I am also grateful that my parents jobs are still here, and that this hasn't hit close to home. My work has started to become more 'frugal' lately to the point where they're rationing out our paper, buying referbished products such as toner cartriages and fax cartriages that run out faster and have to be replaced more, they're buying the no named stinky note pads with NO stick... it's getting to be a bit insane, but I guess everyone is trying to save a buck or two

I'm thankful for inspired men who run the Church, without them, we would be more worried than needs be at this time. We have been warned and coucilled to prepare for hardships that are falling right now. We've been councilled to have money in savings(enough for 3 months rent & bills), and to have a 3 month supply of food(essencials) I have not done all of this due to lack of space for a food storage and trying to pay off debts faster, but I have enough for my needs if something were to happen. Last week a couple of women I work with were talking about a commercial they saw on tv the night before about the government encouraging every person to have a 72 hour emergency kit.... HA! The Prophets have been telling us this for how long now. It's nice to be ahead of the show for something. I have that. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO

Thank you for the knowledge that I have during these rough times, it makes it not feel so rough.

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