Monday, June 1, 2009



seriously? Need I even say more?

if ya'll haven't seen this trailer yet, I suggest you do! It was everything I imagined it would be a more! I am soooo excited!

P.S did anyone else see how hott Edward was last night, and how awkward and retarded Bella was.... I think I hate her! ha ha!

On another note... this weekend was pretty chill.... Friday night there was a dance, and a congrats party for our friend Gordie(jordy) we love him. He's soooo much fun! The dance was good, it was nice to be able to shake my groove THANG! whoop whoop!

Saturday we went to our friend Shawns bbq then we went to this lookout over the city(which was amazing) and we watched American Outlaw in the back of Gordies truck. Our saturday night hang outs are always the best, it's usually the only time we get to hang with Brett and Jordy without any interuptions so its wicked!

Sunday, was church then after church we went to the Lilac festival....first off I expected a bunch of flowers..... not a mini cornfest.... so that was a little werid... I also felt like I met satan too.... there were soooo many booths, and street preformers.... I decided I'm going to magician school....screw nursings... HELLO CLOWN COLLEGE! Then we had a quiet night with nachos and laughs with Brett, Gordie and Tyler...... it was pretty wicked!

I had a few days off this week, so I've been tying up loose ends, and hanging out. Lets say I definately could get use to this for sure! I'm starting to get back into my routines of working out and eating healthy, I wish I never got off it, cause it would have been easier to resist all of these bbq's and all the junk, it's sooooo hard starting back at square one..... BUT I WILLLLL DO IT!

One last shout out to my BEST FRIEND ever....Saren and her FIANCEE Adam,they got engaged yesterday and I couldn't be more happier for them, I'll be flying out to Ontario sometime in October and they'll be getting married Oct 10th in the Toronto Temple! I'm sooo happy for them!


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Sarah C said...

Seriously... so excited!

BTW, I am going to stop commenting if you don't start commenting on my blog, dork!

FINALLY!! I was waiting for you to say that he finally popped the question!