Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekends events...

This weekend, was definately a low key, chill weekend and I think it's just what I needed to clear my head after this week. Friday night we had a girls night. Mandy, Shannon, Allison and myself went to Tony Romas for dinner and laughed and caught up all night (I don't know how 4 girls who do EVERYTHING together would need a night to catch up, but apparently we do) Then we headed back to Mandy's apt and made apple crisp and started to watch the 1st season of Private Practice. SOOOO good! We were all super tired by like 10:30 and decided to just watch the show and sleep. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to S.N.O.W (Yup, check the date! JUNE 6th!) WTF, this country is definately WACKED! ugh! I was pretty disappointed considering the weekend before I got a nasty sunburn from laying out by the lake with Abbster! Mandy made me breakfast( I really just need to start giving her my grocery money, she always cooks for me. I literally haven't boughten groceries in FOREVER) Thanks Mandy-pants! THEN we headed to the church for a TEMPLE trip! It was Jordy and Mandys first time going to the Cardston Temple, so we were all pretty stoked. In the car on the way down was me, Kyle Sorenson, Courtney who had just gotten baptized a couple months ago so it was his first time too, Mandy, and Jordy, we listened to Church music and just got to know Courtney and Kyle better. They're great guys! We did baptisms and I haven't done them in almost two years, so it was fun. We baptized and confirmed pretty much a WHOLE ward! Isn't that crazy... I love Temples! They're awesome, and I couldn't have asked to go to the Temple with a more fun group! Seriously! It was the On our way home Abbster texted me and said her adopted sister was getting baptized and I had hung out with her a bit, so I asked everyone if they wanted to go, so we went to her baptism. It was seriously such a great day. We got back into calgary went and bought pizzas and had a pizza party! It was good. Since it was cold we stayed in for our Saturday night hangout and we invited more people. Normally its just me brett, mandy and jordy but we just invited more people! Yesterday was a good day, we went to church and then after that headed over to Mandys to make pizza for the SECOND pizza party of the weekend at the church. The group we sat with was pretty much the same one we drove down to the Temple with, and SAVANA! She's home and it was fun to see her, and catch up about old times. We sure had fun living together for that year. We really need a roomate reunion. After Kyle and I tied up a few loose ends we went to Brett and Jordys place to watch transformers. Neither Brett nor Kyle had seen it since they've been home from their missions so we definately needed to watch it. we crammed 3 of us on a small couch and like 8 other people on two matress' it was a pretty tight squeeze but it was a good time!

Here's just a shout out to my BABY sister, who turned 21 on Sunday! Happy birthday baby sista! I love you. My sister is so fun. Her and I definately don't always see eye to eye with each other. We're so much alike that we just buttheads but I love her, and shes awesome. I'm excited to go home in a few weeks so that we can hang out. I don't spend enough time with her. She's always on the go with work or with friends so it seems like we always miss each other. Happy Birthday Kayla!


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