Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gold's Gym


For the last little while I've decided that I was sick of SpaLady and the fact that its only open til 9pm during the week, 6 on saturdays and 3 on sundays. I always felt like I needed to go there right after work and stay there til 830-9 to get my workout in, and by that time of night the rest of my free time would consist of showering and heading to bed.. and I assumed one of the reasons I was slacking so much with my gym attendance was for the simple fact that I stopped being a gym hermit and I found friends... Go figure huh?

SOOOOO I was looking for something that had:
- Later hours
-Something that had a swimming pool perhaps for the simple fact that I was having to go to two totally different places to swim and to work out......
-More equiptment
-New eqiptment
-Something realitively close to my house
Lo, and behold my friend Abby was telling about how she goes to Golds Gym down in Mckenzie Towne( I know Mckenzie Towne, thats soooo far from my house, but really it's not. It's like a 10 minute drive on deerfoot which was the same as the 10-15 minute drive to the other gym driving thru a busy part of the city! It's open 24 hours Mon-Friday and open 8-8 Saturdays and Sundays, it has a pool, it was TONS(100+machines) of cardio equiptment and each piece of cardio equiptment has its own TV. I think my tv watching is about to increase drastically..... It's got a spinning facility, a yoga/pilates studio AND a womens gym. I walked in and I was soooo stoked! It was such a nice gym, its brand new and so everything is still in good condition. I was super impressed with:
-The nice upkeep of the outside
-The fact that it had a juice bar inside
-The bright colors and the feel of a new gym
-The reception staff and how excited they were I was there
-My trainer Kaz, who introduced me to the fact that I have 6 years worth of RBC points on my credit card
-That it's CHEAP-> $50 bucks a month including EVERYTHING(pool, all classes, all access to the gym, and some personal training)
-The fact that it has a tanning studio in the gym. BONUS!
-That Abby goes there

**However, It was re-affirmed to me that I hate working out with people, for the simple fact that I have a strict schedule that I want to adhere to, and I don't want to hold anyone up, and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to run for 2 hours with me, when they'd rather me spinning in the gym! Sorry Abby. I'm glad that you're there with me, but I'm sorry I held you up!**

My trainer is wicked cool, he showed me around the facility, introduced me to the other trainers(who are hott I might add) Holy Cow, and he got me all set up with my membership! It was the easiest and best thing I've ever done, and he's soooo excited to help me train for the Yuba Tri in September! So hopefully I'll be right on track with that so I can actually compete this year. Needless to say, I'm one happy camper, I can take a nap right after work, do any errands that I need to do then head to the gym without feeling like I need to rush cause I need to be out by 9pm. I'm sure this isn't the last post you'll hear about my Gold's experiences. I've already embarassed myself once. I couldn't find a fountain to fill up my water bottle for the life of me, so I went into the co-ed bathroom to fill it up, but I didn't lock the door and some guy came in, then freaked out when he saw me! Ha how embarassing. Then he ended up running right beside for for an hour...... yikes :s I'm excited to hit the gym again tonight after volleyball! Should be fun times!

Volleyball, Oooo how I've missed it, I haven't been in about 3 weeks and its been devestating, I use to live for Thursday night volleyball, and so I'm super stoked that I get to go play tonight!



Sarah C said...

I wish we had a decent gym out in Raytown... :(

Ashley said...

Oh good job finding a sweet gym i am looking for one of those 24 hours in rexburg, but they dont exist go figure!