Friday, June 12, 2009

Corporate Challenge

In the fall, every year Calgary has something called the "Corporate Challenge" and it's a two week event and each day is a different event, and you sign up for events with your co-workers. Well, it use to just be the downtown offices that would participate but this year they've extended it to the whole City of Calgary. I'm sort of being a keener and I've signed up for like 10 events. We make up our own teams, or we just sign up as individuals and we get put on a team. I only really know the people in my Dept. so it will be a good way for me to meet more people that work at the Tom Baker. It should be pretty fun. Sign up is today in like 20 minutes, and so we're trying to figure out our teams and what events we want to do. I'm stoked for a few reasons 1.) It will be fun. 2.) I'll get out of work early everyday for two weeks 3.) It will give me a chance to meet new people.

So far I've signed up for:
-Bocce Ball-> I've never played this game in my life, but it looks like fun, all I do is throw things
-Curling....-> again I've never curled in my life, it looks hard, I might walk away with a few bruises...but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger eh!
-10km Run
and I might sign up for Soccer... I'm not very good, and I haven't played since we'll see!

I'm excited now that I'm going to most of all be doing the 10k run, and playing basketball. I love those two things, and running 10 k will really help me train for my triathlons. A side note about basketball, the YSA in Calgary have started a basketball tournment and I'm sooo stoked! We did this a few years ago and it was so much fun! Last time it was co-ed but this year its going to be boys team and girls teams, and while we were cleaning out the ward cupboard we found Edworthy Park Pinnies( Dan makes me call them pinnies) ugh! Sooooo that will be fun. Hopefully I'm not super rusty, although I'm pretty sure I am. I wish it was like riding a bike, you never forget but I bet I don't even know how to hold a basketball



Sarah C said...

Curling is harder than it looks! LOL... the first time I tried I totally ran myself over with the stone and fell on my butt!!! Good luck!

Jamie said...

holy cow you are an inspiration! lol I need to get my butt in gear and do something!!