Monday, June 15, 2009

Disclaimer: If you're a mom do NOT read(especially if you're my mom)

Ok, So.... I think my Saturday Night adventure got a little out of hand this weekend. I wasn't even with any of the same Saturday Night Adventure that was a little messed up first off.... but before I get into what happened Saturday, let me just recap the rest of my B-O-R-I-N-G weekend. Friday night I went to the gym and I watched the Stanley Cup game 7...WOOHOO Pittsburgh. Apparently we want the underdogs(aka the team with the least amount of Stanley Cup wins to win....did I get that right kyle?) I got home from the gym around 11pm(showered and went straight to bed) my legs were killing me and it was soooo nice to just be able to go to bed and sleep....although with going to bed that early, I was sure to wake up early.....7:45 saturday morning rolls around and I'm wide awake.....perfect! I did some laundry, went and did some shopping at lulu lemon went to the gym for 2 and a half hours, came home laid in the sun for a bit, decided I was bored, went BACK to the gym for another two and a half hours..... got home showered, met my old roomate for dinner....then.....this is where the not so fun begins!

(So, heres where all the moms, and my mom stop reading)

My old roomate Savana's friend Justin was in town from BC and he wanted to go find this old abandoned town outside of Calgary, it was midnight and so we figured why not, we started driving and got out to the place around 1am, and to get to this place we had to walk along train tracks to this forest place and go thru the trees and then it would be there in a clearing, so we were walking, and walking, and pretty soon my feet were getting wicked sore(cause I was wearing $1 flip flops from old navy) and I was getting tired, and anyone that knows me, knows that when I get tired, I get grouchy and irriatable and I just want to go after about 45- an hour of walking I decided to go back. So, since everyone else wanted to keep trying to find this town they gave me a half dead flashlight and the keys to the car. Great.... I started walking back and then the flash light died, then moon wasn't out it was pitch black. I was freakin out, I was soooo scared. All of a sudden I see this green light flashing....I thought it was a Ghost, I kept walking and then straight ahead of me was this bright light......dun dun dun dun..... it was a TRAIN!(so much for those tracks being abandoned too)....thanks alot Justin. I was all alone and so I had to find a place off the tracks to go while the train passed and I knew there were embankments along the way and I wasn't too sure how far from the tracks or how steep they were but I ended up face down on the ground holding onto a pole for dear life. It was probably the scariest moment of my life. I got back to the car and was wicked pissed.... we drove home and I was in bed by 4am......and up by 830..... needless to say when I saw the kid who suggested it Sunday morning at church... I wanted to kick him...but of course I couldn't because I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet, and walking was soooo painful yesterday :( sad story!

I almost didn't go to Church yesterday, but I'm glad I did. The bishop that I've had for the last two or so years got released yesterday, and a new bishopric was called in. My friend Kristen Kroekers dad is the new bishop, along with my friend Lauren Glenns dad, and My friend Bridget Galbraith's dad as well. It should be exciting to see what happens in the next 3 years with these men. We're having a bbq at the bishops house tonight as a going away party for the old bishopric and their wives tonight. So many changes going on these days... it's been interesting. I guess what they say is right. Nothing every stays the same!

I'm still inlove with my new gym(obviously....) but, today one of the girls I work with said I looked like I was toning up, and losing weight..... HELL YEAH! I am happy to know that even the last week and a half of work has been paying off, and that I(or others around me) are starting to see results. I just need to stick with it and keep up the good work. I might have to take a few days off from the gym for the simple fact that I can barely walk properly cause of the blisters on my feet.... So Hopefully Tomorrow night or Wednesday I'll be able to hit the gym again for a few hours after institiute. I'm also getting my hair cut again Wednesday by Alida Young(whom I love dearly) She does such an amazing job on my hair, and I always get compliments so I'm excited to see what we're going to do with it this time. I'm not sick of this hair style yet, so I think we're going to keep in the same, just shorten it up alot! I'll TRY and post some pictures.....

SARAH,ASH, do I post pictures? I still need to do a before and a after of the last time I cut my hair!


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