Friday, June 5, 2009

Remember When.......

-- I use to go to the Gym everyday from 5:30pm-9pm
-- I use to make sure I ate very strictly
-- I use to count calories to the very calorie.....
-- I use to spend my FRIDAY nights at the gym, then the swimming pool
-- I use to weigh myself on a weekly basis to the decimal
-- I use to keep track of the calories I burned on a daily basis at the gym

I miss those times, and I'm bound and determined to get there again....starting T.O.N.I.G.H.T!
If anyone needs to get ahold of me before 9 pm I will be at the gym either running, biking, running or biking some more! I'm ready to get serious with Gym again. I use to be so happy, and I was well on my way to getting back in shape.......what the heck happened?!?! Well who cares what happened, just as long as I get back on track ASAP!

<3 Peace Out!

1 comment:

Sarah C said...

Crazy girl! I am totally going to blog about you! LOL