Thursday, June 4, 2009

I just..........

was looking thru old pictures of last summer..... when my hair was REALLY long and hott, when I was super tan and when I was alot LESS chunkier.... and thent he summer before that I was tanner and LESS chunkier... SOOOOOOO it looks as if since I got sick I've completely fell off the band wagon thinking I can eat whatever I want....but I can't, and I can't not exercise...and I hate not exercising.... THEREFORE...... dun dun dun....... I will go back to doing what I did last summer..... eat less, eat healthier, work out more and have fun! I did more of that the summer maybe I'll step it up a notch..... Heres my plan:

-everyday after work I'll go straight to the gym for some cardio and some weights then head home and carry on with my night......( no one does anything before 10pm anyways, so what am I worried about missing out on?)

-I will plan out what I am going to eat for the day the night before, I can have whatever I want, it just has to be on the list. I can have a cookie...but if I say one cookie I only get one...... If I don't have a cookie written down, no cookie for me, I'll add it to the list for the next day, but after I have a chance to think about it, I really don't want the cookie....therefore I will eat less cookies.

- I will tan more.... I will get outside on the weekends and nights after the gym and I will do fun things, and I'll get a tan+ add a little bronzer and ALOHA! I'll look like I stepped right off the plane from hawaii!

So these are my goals, and I really should make these habits, for the simple fact that I'm still supose to be training for my triathlon... :s whoops I kind of dropped the ball on that one too... I will just work my butt off! Save my money and buy myself some cute summer clothes!

Oh how I love summer!

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Jamie said...

i missed the part when you were EVER chunky. Woman I think you have a corrupt mirror.