Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Teaser!

So, remember my last post where I said mine and Mandys friend Kman was going to Utah for 10 days and we were going to miss him, and he was going to miss us/stampede....well yesterday this is the following conversation we had at noon:

Kman: sooo guess what? I'm not going to Utah anymore, my mom has to work!
Me:(trying to contain my excitment) Really, that sucks I'm sorry, but atleast you get to hang out with us.
Kman: Yeah, I was going to say the good news is, is I get to hang out with you. I didn't even want to go to Utah anyways, I would have been bored.....
Me: WOOOOOHOOOOOOO, ok lets plan something fun

**planning fun things**
- stampede, 4th of july party at kami's,bbq's,my parents coming to Calgs

He goes to write his final....which he did really good on..... and at 10:30 I get THIS!

Kman: Hey, so uhhhh it looks like I'm going to Utah again, I wish my family would make up their freakin minds, it's driving me nuts.
Me: AHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO you can't go, I'm really sad...
Me: Kman you didn't even want to go, its going to be a long boring drive, you'll have no fun, you'll miss stampede, you'll miss the 4th of july party, you'll miss US and you'll miss a week of work.
Kman: Lachele, you're making me feel the worst for going.. If I bail now my mom will kill me. There will be lots of time when I get back for fun summer adventures. I'm sad I've been making plans all day for next week and now I have to go.
Me: DOOOOOOON'T go, who cares if you haven't seen your family in 3 years! HA!

So, needless to say I'm feeling a little abandoned right now! grrrrr thanks alot kman for getting my hopes up. Looks like we'll just have to have alot of fun before he leaves, and when he gets back. Tomorrow he is going into work, so he doesn't get to come play with us, so when we get back we're going to have a bbq and go watch the fireworks from the look out. Which means we need to get there at like 7 to get a good spot haha.... so we're just going to bring food and games to keep us occupied for a few hours before they start!

Tomorrow is the start of the FUNNEST month EVER!!


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