Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Promise is a Promise

I HAVE PICTURES of July 1st! I don't have them with me right now, I need to wait until Mandy sends them to me, so I will wait to blog about my Canada day until she sends them(which I hope is soon) But I need to blog about something else...

**side note, it seems like whenever anything funny happens to me these days the first phrase that comes out of my mouth is: "I'm going to need to blog about this" So in true fashion... this story NEEDS a blog :)

I will not be able to do this story justice, it was really one of those moments where you HAAAD to be there! There were times yesterday where I thought about what happened Tuesday night and BUSTED out laughing....huge gut wrenching BELLY laughs! haha! :)

Tuesday nights our friend Jordy plays Mens League Hockey with some APX boys, and he invited Kman to play, and after alot of convincing on Jordys part he decided to play and so Mandy and I went to watch them with Jordys dad Ted who is in town visiting for a few days, and the game didn't start til 11:30(good thing I didn't work yesterday) Kyle hasn't played since before his mission so he was a little nervous and didn't want us coming, but of course we did :)-- and he's really good, so is jordy...they're the best players out there..... Our OTHER friend TC on the other hand was a totally different story :) HAHAHA!! Now, I feel like I can share these stories for the simple fact that TC knows he sucks(I think) Let me paint a picture of this kid--

--He could barely stand on solid ground in his skates
--He didn't have gloves
--He didn't have any sort of shield
--He was wearing his glasses

Ok, so bear with me this might be a long post....
--He can't stop and so everytime he would be skating and the play would start going the other way he would have to run into the boards and then turn around to go the other way, and so he was ALWAYS on the opposite side of the play
--He came putting along slowly behind Kman and knocked his stick up with his stick but he barely touched it
--Everytime he got into a play down where he would get the chance to score he would stand in the blue goalie crease( I don't know much about hockey but I'm pretty sure thats not allowed)
--He tried to fight kman so kman pushed him over with his hand and he flipped over and hit his head on the ice, got up,looked at me and Mandy and started wooohoooing at himself
--He fell and lost his stick couldn't get up so he crawled over to it and one of the other guys kicked it farther away.
--He fell and Kman was standing right beside him and he grabbed kman to try and get up, and kman pushed him over again..HAHA soo funny
--At the end of the game he was standing in the goalie crease and his skate knocked the puck into the net and he went NUTS, he thought he was just the greatest....He's still talking about it, it's like a fishermans fish stories, they get more and more eggagerated the more times he tells it. He came out of the locker room strutting his stuff.... I couldn't help but laugh.....

I was worried Jordys dad was going to think we were rude girls, but by the end he was cracking up with us!

My fave quote of the night came from Kman, when he said " Lachele, you can't carry my bags, the other boys will think I'm a faggot." HAHA! I was just trying to be nice since earlier that night he same I was mean!


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