Monday, June 29, 2009

End of June.......

Can I just ask if anyone else feels like this year has flown by SOOO fast!?

It's the end of June already. Canada Day is right around the corner, and then it's stampede!! I'm really excited for July it's probably going to be the funnest month of the year by far! This month I have the following planned:

- July 1--Trip to the outdoor waterslides on Wednesday to celebrate Canada Day with the girls, then coming back to BBQ and watch fireworks
- July 3-12--STAMPEDE!!! whhhhat whhhhat I'm sooo excited for it, I think I'll be there a few times this year, the suckiest thing about this week tho, is that mine and Mandys only friend Kman will be in Utah...ha ha we're trying to convince him to stick around but he's not having it!
- July 10th--My fave American Asian Kimberly Jane Lance is coming to see me for 10 days with 3 of her friends, and I'm super excited to go to Banff, Lake Louise, Elbow Falls, Waterton, The Temple, Zoo, COP, Floating down the river.... and EATING tons of food cause they're around!
- July 24th-- Going to Kelowna with Mandy for a YSA Conference... HELL YEAH! That will be alot of fun!

Doesn't that sound like the funnest month anyone could ever have....theres some minor crappy parts....a.k.a WORK...that are going to get in the way of some of this, but I'm not going to let it stop me!

So, this weekend was pretty emotional, and draining! Friday night Mandy and I went to the YSA summer opening party thing which was alot of fun, We really need to get out more because I haven't seen some of those people in such a long time! Lame huh!

Saturday Shannon and I went shopping and ran into Mandy and one of her "friends" TJ ALLRED and he has family from Taber so that was wicked cool! Then we got this bright Idea to rent a raft and go floating down the river, but it was like 2 by the time we decided this and we were feeding the missionaries at 6 so we just took the raft to Hertiage park.... and put it in the Glenmore Resviour... We had alot of fun, until we got in the middle of a canoe class...those dang canoers definately don't have a sense or humor, they were soooo pissed our little boat got stuck in the middle of their class.... it's not our fault.... geez. We also found out the hard way that "inflatable" boats are not allowed in the glenmore....but canoes and kyaks are.... whats the difference? GEEZ! We stayed out there anyways! It was fun. We had the Elders over for dinner with Kman(kman is soo good to come hang out with Mandy and I, I'm really surprised he still talks to us....we're sometimes hard to handle in large doses) but he stuck around, and then we went to my friend Julies birthday bbq which was alot of fun. I sure do love julie! She makes me feel important haha! We had tickets to the 10:30 showing of Transformers which was not as good as the first one, I was really disappointed... to the point that I fell asleep and kman had to wake me up at the end. That was a late night... Thanks Jordy and Kman for hanging out with us! You two are super fun.

Sunday, I was super tired but Church was good. I was sitting in Sunday School with Mandy Kman and Jordy and the FIRE ALARM went off...haha some little kid pulled it and we had to be evacuated and the fire trucks came, but then we got to go back in and finish church! Mandy and I had left overs from dinner the night before, and took naps, then we went and Visit Taught Kman. It's a new pilot program we're trying out...where girls visit the far so good, Kman was a good sport about it. We pretty much just went over his house to talk to him and hang out. He'd be studying all day for his math final today, and we baked him cookies..... We're good friends... I think thats why he sticks around... we feed him! :)

I, in true fashion have NO pictures of this weekend cause I blow and remembering to take any, but I PROMISE to take pictures ALL the time in July so that I will be able to document my fun month!


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Sarah C said...

Ummm... I'm kinda laughing at a part about 3/4 of the way through this. About a certain someone, that we have had some chats about... ie, insitute and so forth. Hmmmm... lol... the things you write when people are reading it! LOL funny girl!