Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging is Hard

This blogging business is hard stuff...let me tell you! I've been told lately that my blog is funny, and that I have funny stories and now I feel pressured to produce some funny stuff...but what happens when I'm not having any 'funnies' Well, this has become a common occurance with me lately, I haven't done anything in a few weeks that warrants a funny post... so I just thought that I'd post about something random.... in the 8 years that I've been driving I've had 5 cars. YEAH! 5 cars it's not what it sounds like but I thought it was funny when someone comments on my post that it seems like everytime I go home I'mgetting something fixed on my car. Well, I don't have any pictures of my cars right now, but I will add pictures of all of them so you can get a good look at them. They're pretty hott!

My very first car was a TANK 1981 Oldsmobile regalty. It was like 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, it was a boat! It had a sunroof and red leather seats and the sweetest licence plate ever "Touch Of Class".... Rhonda as I so lovingly named her was very tempermental. You had to double pump the gas before you started her, and you had to pump it a few times after it started so it would stay running, I had to have my foot on the gas as I was putting it into drive or it would stall, she would stall on hills. This thing was great for crusing around taber, and stalking. Some funny stories I have about Rhonda are going to grad in it, We fit 3 girls with HUGE dresses and our dates in it with room to spare, my friend Lane and I would go on stalking missions of girls/guys we liked....it wasn't really inconspicious everyone knew I drove that car AND they could hear her from a mile away! I was never allowed to take her on the highway cause she was pretty unreliable, but it was fine to drive around taber in, but lets be honest I totally drove her to lethbridge for wendys runs, and to movies, and to basketball games.... :)I'm allowed to tell these stories cause this was like 6-7 years ago and I can't really get in trouble anymore for them...ha ha! Ahhhh oh Rhonda, my dad recently sent her to the junk yard. I was really very sad!

My second car was a 2005 car that I had just bought when I was home from school, so that I'd have something to drive, I had made one car payment on the car and I was in a car accident and she was totalled, we never developed that bond, nor did she get a name. I don't even know if I have a picture of this car in good condition... I think I just have pictures of the end result after I was smashed up in it.

My third car was another 2005 I was pretty nervous about driving a small car, I was always scared I was going to get smashed again, so I quickly sold that car(she didn't get a name either) and I have no fun stories about it either. I hated that car.

My fourth car was a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, It was definately bigger than a car and I named him Winston. I had some fun adventures in winston that I will not disclose at this time for fear of getting my butt whipped by my parents(cause my mom blog stalks me) Those will come in about 5 years when I won't get in trouble for them. My dad is now the proud driver of Winston and I think they get along really well, I wanted something a little newer and so I gave it to him(or he took it back, cause I never actually bought it off my parents :))

My fifth and current vehicle is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and she is my pride and joy, I LOVE THIS JEEP! it's sooo nice and roomie, and it makes me look like a high roller..haha even tho I'm totally not. I don't have a name for it yet, but we've already had some pretty sweet roadtrips in it already, I've been down to Utah twice already in it and I've only had it since december, I've been to Banff and Edmonton. I've had boy bashing sessions in it, We've had stalking sessions in it. It's a pretty good vehicle and I love it. It's nice and big and I don't feel nervous in it, cause if anyone is going to get crushed it won't be me :) I don't exactly have the best luck with new vehicles hence(smashing my first new car in an accident, and although I haven't smashed this one I've had my fair share of problems with this jeep... I cracked the rims, spilt stuff on my seats, punctured my new tires, and some bugger backed into to me.) I really should just stick to Old Tanks like Rhonda and Winston, those things were troopers!

Anyways, I hope not to have 5 more vehicles in the next 8 years, but we will see what happens in the future.


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Sarah C said...

Oh Rhonda.... I remember too well... may you rest in peace!