Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day & Weekend Update

Well, I'm always late on the blogging front when it comes to deadlines. I always post birthdays,mothers day and now fathers day...days late... but I have a really good excuse as to why I didn't blog about it yesterday...well.... I WAS WITH MY FATHER! There, thats why! So, now I have just a few moments to blog about my Dad, who is wonderful! I love him. He goes beyond the call of Dad Duty to rescue me when I'm having a rough day, or when something goes wrong. I remember a time in highschool when my friend Lauren and I went out to Raymond wicked late at night and her radar died on the creepy dark highway, I called my dad and within minutes he had called laurens dad and her dad had a truck and trailer and they were on there way to get us! I'm sure I'd still be stuck on that highway if it wasn't for him. :) Thanks dad! And just this weekend I drove over an electrical staple and it punctured my tire, no sooner did I get home and tell my dad, he was on the phone with the tirestore down in Taber and the owner was on his way to meet me to get my tire taken care of...he even foot the bill... Thanks papa!! I had the chance to go visit my grandpa last night before I came home too... He's a funny man, I'm not exactly sure what else I can say about him..haha he's just a riot... I think thats where I get my funniness from, is him.... Thanks for everything this weekend. I love you guys!!

This weekend was really chill, I went swimming, hung out with my parents dog, had a bbq qith my family and watched GHOSTBUSTERS! OHHHHHHHHH YEA!


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Sarah C said...

Seriously, isn't it almost every time you go home that you get tires/rims put on your jeep! LOL