Thursday, May 7, 2009

My teeth are falling out.........

Ok, so not really, but last night I had a dream that my teeth were falling out while I was with a friend, and they just fell out into my hand, he didn't even notice.... and I was freakin out... I looked like a real piece of work.... I woke up this morning freaking out, and spent part of my break reading about what these dreams meant, and here are some of the things that this type of dream can mean.

- I have some sort of anxiety
-I feel like I am not incontrol of my life anymore
-I have very troubling relationships with those around me
-I am in danger

And..... these are all true!! for very real reasons.... I have anxiety because last night at 1 am WE WERE RATTED OUT!!!! ahhhhhh haha the boys called us and said they knew it was us and that we better watch our backs, Travis was freaking out and he kept saying "game on, games on Lachele, do you know what that means" hahaaha so he's telling us he's going to get us back, but hes going to screw up, and we've already started prank 2 on him.... ha ha! When he messes with fire hes going to get burned.... I however will start parking in the garage because I don't want to come out of my house one morning before work and see all of my tires missing off my jeep ha ha....

I'm not really incontrol of my life right at this moment, so many things are going on that I have no control over, and it's starting to make me sick...its nothing major, just a few little things I was.... I've become soooo unmotivated lately, I need to pick myself back up and get training again... I don't think I'm going to Utah in May for my tri, for this very reason....(I'll post about this later, its worth its own post)

The troubling relationship thing only relates to the apx boys....because now they're out to get Mandy and I..... and hopefully Abby..... ha ha! I'm not going down for this alone... ha ha....

And, I very well could be in Danger if all these boys gang up on us!

Thats whats been going on with me lately.... My teeth are falling out! :(

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