Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Well.... I remembered Mother's Day this year!! woohoo ha ha... I got to go down to Taber and hang out with my momma, and my dad for the weekend and it was pretty fun. I left early saturday morning to get the new rims and tires put on my jeep... and they look hott I might add! I love my jeep!

We hung out, cleaned my car :) then we went up to Lethbridge and did a little shopping, had a little dinner and hung out... it's always pretty funny when I'm with my family it's funny to try and see who the first one is to embarass my mom... either me my dad or my younger sister Kayla.... I'm not exactly sure who won the prize on that one, but my mom is such a trooper for putting up with us! Here's just a quick shout out to my mom... She's the best.... we always have fun, we haven't always seen eye to eye(but who does always see eye to eye with your mom and you're a girl) But now that I'm gone I usually talk to her everyday and it's always fun. I'm thankful for all the sacrifices that she has made for me over the last 23 years.... and the ones she will continue to make for the next 23 years! I can't thank her( and my dad) enough for all the things they've done for me!

Thanks Mom... I love you, and Happy Mothers Day to all the other Mothers out there..

" Women Are NOT second class citizens in the world, they're 50% of the population and the mothers to the other 50%" - President Hinckley

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