Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Night Road Trips!

Summer is fun for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because its nice enough that you can just take a random road trip at midnight and not have to pack your whole room because its super cold! Saturday night my friends Mandi, Jordy, Shannon and Brett took a road trip out to Elbow Falls to go star gazing after we were harrassed by cops trying to find a spot overlooking the downtown....jerks thought we were up to no good! Ha, anyways we decided that star gazing in the City was no fun, and since most/all of us are from small towns we wanted to have that feel again! So I knew this GREAAAAT place only 15 minutes outside the city and so we started driving.....45 minutes later, 3 wrong turns we ended up at Maclean Creek which is NOT Elbow Falls, but it was still really nice.... who knew driving thru the mountains(or trees) would be soooo confusing when its pitch black! I have such fun friends, that just rolled with my ditsiness and had a blast, we laughed until 3am and then headed back into town.... I was SOOOOO tired! I taught Relief Society yesterday and I actually thought I was going to fall asleep at the front of the room! Go Lachele..... I'm not always the brightest chick on the block, but I sure do know how to have a wicked fun time! I just love my friends, and the funnness that randomness creates(that made sense to me!)

Anyways, instead of doing seperate posts, I'm going to confuse you and just update EVERYTHING right now, so most of you know that May 29th I was supose to head down to Provo Utah for the Salem Spring Tri, welllllllllllllll things didn't work out, and I didn't want to risk any chances of getting sick down there, so I'm not going.... UGH! all my hard work down the drain? NO WAY I'm doing another one in July.....which means I better ROCK it since I have so much extra time. Theres a triathlon in Taber on the 30th so I might just go down there and do that one instead.....close to home, and its free since it's just put on by my stake! We'll see....but mark my words, I will be doing atleast ONE triathlon this summer, along with a bunch of races I'm signed up for! WOOOHOOO.. I'm sad and I put off posting this because I was hoping that there was some sort of climmer of light that I'd be able to go, but it just wasn't in the cards, and its better to be safe rather than sorry right?!?!

Well I think tonight/this week will be my "getting back into the groove, and catching up on sleep " week... I've been neglecting alot of things lately, and it's time that I start getting back into my old rountine!

P.S! Yesterday Mandy and I made the BEEEEEEEEEEST dinner on the face of the earth, homemade lasanga, ceasar salad, apple crisp and yummy crossiants! We invited Brett and Jordy over for dinner and they pretty much think we're the beesknees..... anything that pretty much means we R.O.C.K!

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Sarah C said...

WHAT!!!! I was just about to send you a text last night asking about your TRI!!! Crazy lady! Btw... I read your blog all the time.... I am just a terrible commenter (is that a word)