Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Slacker....alllll around!

soooooo I'm all talk, I say I'm in control of things but really I'm nothing but a big fat slacker! HA! There I said it..... I leave most of my calling up to those that I work with...( I use to just do everything myself and get stressed out/lose sleep over it...p.s apparently only losers get stressed about their calling....thanks cora! But since learning the art of D.E.L.I.G.A.T.I.O.N my life ROCKS! really it does! I leave everything up to my Enrichment Co-ordinator.... and tell her to delegate to the committee members and then let me know what she needs from me....(which is usually nothing, since she thinks I'm soooooooo busy...) MWHAHA! I <3 it! ahhh this is going to come back and bite me in the butt...but I will enjoy it while it lasts! Anyways heres' just a list of the things I've been slacking on as of late!

-My room.... it makes me sick to walk into it, it use to be dirty from dirty clothes on my floor, but now its dirty with clean clothes on my floor..... hmmm I guess I just hate putting them away so I just throw them all over.....(this will be getting cleaned friday)
-My journal writing.... I use to write in my journal almost on a daily basis, now I just update on my blog...so really....am I slacking? hmmmmm
-My boyfriend Gym.....this has been a tough thing for me.... I'm just getting really irritated with gym, and I needed my space, but I think I'm ready to commit again.... ONCE & FOR ALL!
-My passions/creating more interests and hobbies outside my old highschool ones... I think I live in the past too much...the only thing I ever say I like to do is play volleyball and basketball....hmmmm 5 years ago I said the same thing..... looks like someone needs to grow up! Things I really want to get into are photography, gardening(I'm not a grandma),and painting again. ALSO, I want to keeeeeeep working towards my racing/triathlon goals because who doesn't want to get H.O.T.T while doing something thats fun....nuff said!
- I want to start taking more pictures so that my blog isn't so boring, I was blogstalking again(real big surprise) and I came across this one girls blog that is super cute...super cute back ground, super cute pictures with EVERY post..... annnnnnnd shes super nice and doesn't always complain.....(I think thats a new goal for me).... Friday...or Monday my I will be getting a 'blogover'

Well my posts are always sooooo long, with nothing but ramblings... I guess I'm just here to say what everyone already knows..... My name is Lachele, and I'm a slacker...... I'll do better next week.....

P.S.... I'm the whiniest sick person I've ever met....SooooooOoooo sick right now, my head hurts, my body hurts, my throat KILLS...I've been living off gingerale since Sunday night, and I slept from 5-9:30, 10:30-6:30 last night..... I woke up long enough to go get more gingerale, annnnnd see my fave mandy pants for 10 minutes!

<3 ya!

OH YA.... If anyone knows how to "re-do" a computer I'm in desperate need of having everything on my computer wiped out and restarted, it's sooooooo slow and stupid that I don't even use it(hence the reason my blog isn't cute and there are NO pictures.) I can't find my camera cord to put them on the house computer..... THERES MY EXCUSE! HA!

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