Friday, May 22, 2009

Catch up with LaFonda!

Thats right, for most of you that know me, you'll know that I have a nickname in Calgs that origionated from Nick Holoboff(aka. waterbuffalo) ha ha! EVERYONE in Calgary calls me Lafonda, its pretty sweet actually...ha ha having a nickname that EVERYONE knows! Even some of the old Elders use to call me Lafonda....speaking of them, I haven't talked to Clay or Eric in a coons age... I should call those little turds!

Ok, so updating for me....everything in the last week.... I feel like I've been going non-stop! So last weekend was OUR(Canada) long weekend, and I thought it was this weekend, so I didn't make any plans and I was going to be a loser(this time last year I went to play with Chase in Rexburg) It was sweet...... so I went down to Taber to help my parents paint their house, and I got stuck edging and painting Roxy's dog house....lame! Then I went to Kinsey and Clarks wedding....P.S.. I LOVED IT! It was sooo stinkin' cute! I'm going to have lime green and black at mine too(don't worry kins, my wedding will be far enough away that no one will remember I copied you) ha ha! It was fun to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a while/people I wouldn't normally see when I go home! I got the chance to hang out with my parents two weekends in a ROW....woohoo ha ha... it's always funny when I go home, it's good tho!

I made it back in time for church Sunday, which was a good thing, because I had slacked a whole heck of alot the last few weeks cause I have been gone, and I needed to take care of somethings, so I was able to do that, and I got to hang out with a couple friends Sunday night, I had dinner with a Goobs,and Kyle which was fun, I tried to make Kyle watch HSM1/2 but he definately was NOT having it...ha ha! boys....... ha ha! Then I went to play with Mandy, Jordy and Brett.... we took Mandys friend on a tour of downtown Calgs, and we just was fun! I didn't really realize how much I love this city, and the downtown, I've never really spent much time downtown, but can I just tell you I LOVE it! Stephens Ave is W.I.C.K.E.D!

Monday we went to Banff to have a BBQ....we brought Jordy along with 4 girls(and surprisingly enough, he still talks to us.....) ha ha! It was a roadtrip with nothing but boybands, laughing hysterically and speeding...(don't worry mom I wasn't driving) It's definately not Maylong without SNOW and COLD, and thats exactly what we got in banff, we had a BRIGHT idea to have a bbq across from Shannons apt....we got the food...we had no lighter or wood, and it was HELLA cold! :( Good thing for Jordy, he started the fire...whata good little boy scout, and he even cooked for us....and we're even still alive, so he couldn't have done much wrong! We like Jordy! He spoiled us that weekend paying for EVERYTHING....we tried to pay him back...but he wouldn't have it.... little does he know that he's going to get it good....(Sunday, with homemade dinner from Mand and I) mmmm we did some investigating and we are making alll his faves!

The rest of this week has been full of gym time, institute, and goofing off... last night Abby and I got the chance to go to a Minor league baseball game. Calgary Vipers/Long Beach Armadas... Abby knows a couple of the Long Beach boys so it was fun, we definately were NOT prepared whatsoever....we wore open toed shoes, no jackets and we are thinkers..ha ha.... Good thing for mom and dad.... they gave me a nice warm fleece blanket with my winter kit at christmas that I got out during the 6th inning...(I know we waited that long) Oh well tho! It was fun!!!

For the rest of the weekend, I'm not too sure what I all have planned other than a couple gym dates, I'm going to check out a new's 24 hours with a swimming pool and its massive, I might break up with spalady and start dating golds....we'll see... it's where Abby goes, so it would be fun!.... HEEEELLLLLL YEAH!

Well, thats my update for this week.... I swear I'm going to try and learn how to put pictures blog is soooo boring cause I haven't done anything with it.... humph! One day!

<3 P.E.A.C.E!

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