Friday, May 15, 2009

Gym Revelation......

3 Posts in one day.... I know I just hate posting 5 different things in one post, it makes me look sloppy..... now 3 posts in one day just make me look like I have alot of time on my hands...which is partially true ;)

Last night at the gym, I had some time to reflect on going back to school(cause at work some "mommas" as we love to call them in the dept) were asking the younger ones(22-23) year olds if we were planning on going back to school and what not and one person was under the impression that I wasn't going back because I already have two degrees, so why would I want 3.... WELL, because I love education and I want to learn! SOOOOO with that I still have my choices narrowed down to 3 different degrees and they're all in the same rhelm of work HEALTH CARE...... so I have some choices to make, but I don't need to make them right now, because I have my plan that I thought up of at the gym last night.... and I know you're all thinking... great another one of Lacheles amazing plans... ha ha! it's what I thought too but I feel good about here it is... judge me all you want! By next summer I should have the last of my student loan paid off and I will really have no financial obligations other than my Jeep which is the best investment I've made thus far in my life(PS) ha ha so I am going to go sell security systems for APX Alarms next summer( I know I can't sell anything worth crap right?) WEEEELLLL this next year I'm going to learn everything I can about selling(I'm going to became Jaylene) and become a nerd, I will learn the product and learn to LOVE it, because then I will be able to sell more, and then I'm going to go and sell for the summer, in hopes of making some decent money which will be used to go back to school in either the fall, or the winter down in Utah, and I learned that all 3 of my degrees have most of the same general classes so I will start with that, and hopefully by the end of my first year I'll have an idea of what I want to do.....then the next summer, I'll just go sell again to put myself thru my next year of school. I've NEVER been able to go out and do something like this, and I think its something that I maybe need to do, I need to get out and go see different parts of the USA, Canada.... When I put my mind to something I can do it, and I know if I focus on selling, and school work I can become something AMAZING! Thats my plan as of yet.... OH, how I love gym revelations. I really need to go back to the gym more often so I can recieve these inspirations that are borderline C.R.A.Z.Y.... and half sane! :)

I know I had posting about 10 different things in 1 post, but I just have to give a shout out to SPUD and my lovely lady friend Ashley for getting Engaged last night. I'm excited to go down to Rexburg for the wedding at the begginning of September! WOOOHOOOO!! Now I just need to work on not being such a goober, so that maybe one day some boy will like me....haha!
<3 you guys!

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