Monday, May 4, 2009

Bad Remember'er

So I meant to do this post last week but I never got the chance because alot of stuff was going on, but...better late than never right?? Well thats what I think, and since its my blog, we're just going to pretend its April 27th again...kapeesh!

April 27th, 1999 my Grandma passed away, and she was someone very dear to my heart. and I miss her still... I was only 13 when she died, so she missed out on soooo many things in my life, she missed out on all my young womens awards, my highschool grad, all of my highschool basketball games, moving out on my own, buying my first car, and a lot of other things I really wish that she could have been there for growing up. Everytime I go to Taber, I always drive out to the cemetary and visit with grandma for a little bit, and fill her in on my life! She was seriously the best grandma EVER, and I know that everyone says that about their grandma... and over the last few days I was thinking of things that I use to do with her, and things I remember about her...I never want to forget those things and so here are some of the things I remember about her!

-- during the summers on her day off I would ride my bike over to her house and we would pick tulips at my great aunts house, because they just grow like CRAZY during the spring and summer, and we would make bouquets of them and I'd take them home to my mom. I had a dream about tulips the other day, and then that following day I was at an activity where there were tulips as center pieces and it just made me smile, and made me think of her. Everytime I see tulips I feel like its her way of telling me she loves me!

-- whenever I'd go over to her house we would always go to Taco time and I would get the nacho platter with meat cheese and sour cream, and my grandma would get the taco salad with ranch dressing then we'd go to DQ and get a litre of soft serve and I'd fill my face! ha ha

-- Grandma would always let me steer her car when we were driving, I always had her convinced to let me actually sit in the driver seat but then she became a chicken..ha ha I always use to looooove steering her car cause I thought I was soooooooooooooo cool!

-- after school we would go to the hospital and visit grandma at work and I would always go straight for the sucker drawer at the hospital, then I'd get a cup of water and and dip my sucker in the water and make juice :) ha ha I was a cute kid

-- she would always stick her finger up my nose hahahaha... if you knew my grandma, it's totally something she would do.. ha ha!!! annnnnd she would always make me blow my nose even when I didn't have to....

-- she taught me how to knit and how to crochet

-- she always gave me awesome christmas presents and a buttload of money so that I would save it(but never did) and she always wrote me the awesomest(sp) cards ever!

Well those are just some of the things that I remember about my grandma! She was amazing. I love her, and miss her all the time! I hope I can grow up and be as cool as she was!

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