Monday, April 27, 2009

They'rrrrrrrrrre BAAACK!

GOOD GRAVY!!! I thought I was in the clear, but I guess not.... Guess who's back? My freakin bloody noses and shin splints... my shin splints came back last week because I had taken a few days off of running last week cause I was sick, so they'll go away and its nothing that some A535 can't take care those I can just work/run thru, but DAAAAAANG it my bloody noses are back, it's been a good month and a half since my last nose bleed.. I started getting them Thursday night at the gym, then I got one at volleyball, and friday night while I was at a movie I got one too...hmmm and Saturday, then this morning while I was putting my charts for my tomorrows clinics together I got one....WHILE SITTING AT MY DESK! I got it allll over my desk, all over my chart/referral and it wasn't good, it just wouldn't stop bleeding! :( what is the dealio? Last time this happened I said that I would go to the Dr if it lasted a week longer than what it did, and I never did go check it out, and I guess if it doesn't stop in the next few days it might very well be a trip to the Dr, but I have a feeling maybe it's just the air it's been pretty dry lately, so I don't want to waste my time to go to the Dr just to find out its the air and I need to just keep my nose moist! (sounds sick huh) blah!

Training is going slowly but surely, I definately feel like crap lately, I've been doing alot more weight training the last little bit too, so I've been pretty sore but it's one of those "feel good" sores because I know that I'm actually doing something, and theres some progress being made! I need to freakin get my stinkin butt in gear... I feel like I'm slacking off alot more than I should be. I think I'm going to do the Okotoks Tri and the Magrath Tri's this summer....ANNNNND I'm doing the 8k ladies run in June too... should be a good time! I'm excited, I've really haven't been too pumped to run cause I kind of got out of the habit, and if I take more than two days off it takes me a couple days to get back into the groove of it, and this next week is going to hurt pretty bad in the running dept. :( oh well I guess thats what I get for slacking off....

Thats last weeks update! -- although you'll be proud that I was not a hermit this weekend...ha ha TWO WEEKENDS in a ROOOOW! I've been social I think thats like a record or something. I'm pretty beat right now, but it was a good weekend! I had fuuuuun!

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