Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updating all around

I realized that I never got a chance to blog about my trip to Utah for conference... it was pretty fun, I got to see some way good friends, eat tons of good food, and slack off big time with my training... ha ha all in all it was a pretty sucessful weekend!

Wednesday morning I was driving in Montana minding my own business when suddenly I saw a little red car with an Alberta licence plate and being the nosey person that I am I had to check it out and see if I knew them....haha I totally did.... it was Kinsey Torrie(soon to be Holt) shes soooo cute so we pretty much stayed close to each other the whole way to Idaho Falls then in Idaho Falls we got talking and catching up and I totally forgot to fill up on gas(I have an issue with gas while I'm travelling... I always forget to get it... by this time it was 4ish in the afternoon and I had already had a previous issue with getting gas earlier that morning) It was sooo fun to catch up with her tho, she's soooo freakin cute and I can't wait for her wedding. The rest of the weekend was pretty decent I hung out with some of my fave people in the world, I baked Canadian cookies with Rylynn and Rinnlie and wrote love notes to their parents it was pretty fun... I did a bit of shopping, had bubble tea( I apologize for the yucky bubble tea) but I am sooo excited for them to have it this summer when they come up to Canada!!!! I went to dinner with some friends, soaked up the spirit and rain on Temple Square... had tons of fun and didn't get much sleep! I went running once with the girls in the stroller then we played at the park for a bit, it was pretty sweet!! ahhhh I love Utah!

Since I've been home I've trained a little bit, but I haven't really done what I should be doing at this point in the game....why you ask?? cause I'm lazy and I'm just glutton for punishment.. I think I like to freak out about every little thing come crunch time. I know I will be able to pull it off in under 2 hours, but now my time has gone from 2 hours to 90 mins... oh boy... I often ask myself what the heck I've gotten myself into... and I still haven't figured that out...but when I do I'll let the rest of you knowwhat the heck is going on in the noggin of mine....

I know I said no more trips until my tri buuuuuuuuuuuuuut things have changed I'm only going home a couple weekends tho for Kinseys bridal shower and for her wedding, but I will make those day trips so that I can focus... FOCUS LACHELE!!!

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