Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little set back! :(

Well it's 6 weeks til D-Day....haha I speak of this day as the worst day of my life but really its going to be super fun.... and the whole day wont suck...just like two hours of it..haha!!! Anyways friday night I was at the gym and I was going pretty hard I felt great, I went home to shower and make it to the YSA Oscar awards for the year end closing social.... I was told I was nominated for an award and that I had to be there.. I had no idea what the award was for and I didn't think I'd win....but I d did BAHA!! and it was for the Wackiest YSA in Calgary.... I'm wacky one night and brother mandin gets a picture of it, then all of a sudden I'm super wacky and everyone is expecting a show at the dance...ha ha! RIIIIIGHT... the only show they got was the ones of me falling UP the stairs to accept my award! haaaa thats the 3rd time in my life I've fallen in a public setting like that in a big crowd! well my friend Clark was up from Rexburg so I hung out with him we went and got bubble tea and it was a good night!

By the end of the night I was super sore and feeling wicked stiff from the gym... and I woke up saturday morning in sooooo much pain, so much so that I couldn't even get outta bed, I had to roll out of bed.... I went and ran some errands, then I had crepes with Allison Punching Turkey and had a fun girl talk, I went home and guess what I did.... I WENT TO THE GYM....stupid me, I walk into the gym like a grandma and everyone was looking at me funny.... I spent a couple hours on the bike just to say I went to the gym, and today at church I was definately walkin like a gimp.... I pulled my quad( I forgot to mention that ha ha) and its pretty sore, I feel alot better now, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow... I'll probably make an appearance at the gym haha....

Well I took at 4 hours nap today after church, I swear sundays are my busiest days ever.... I came home made some dinner and crashed on the couch for 4 hours! loved every minute of it, but I'm going to be hating it tomorrow...boooo!!! I guess I should try and get some sleep.... g'night!

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