Thursday, March 26, 2009


.....10 weeks away...... where has the time gone... the last 14 weeks have just flown by and I don't feel any differently... I can swim faster, run faster and bike longer..... but I still don't feel any different! HMMMM so this is my FIRST full official week of my last 10 weeks?? Does that make any sense what so ever?? ok well... I have a 10 week training that I am following to lead up to the day of my triathlon.... so everyday I will run 5 miles, and then whatever my training is for that day, so it might be an extra 20 minutes of running, or swimming 300m or biking 10 miles... I will DOOOOOOOOO IT.... so far its been fun, and like I said I've seen so many changes in the last 2 months or so, and I'm excited to see what the next two and a half months bring. I hope that this is something that I stick with, cause it would be fun, although I think I might need to find another job to pay for all of this... the bike I was looking at was 3000 bucks!!! holy cow... it better fly me to those triathlons. Good GRAVY! I actually have been thinking about getting a second part time job a couple nights a week..... I really should see if the gym I go to is hiring, I already spend all my time there anyways they might as well pay me to do some work. But maybe once my triathlon is done, or in the fall I will get a part time job serving or something like that up by the hospital a couple nights aweek, and the other nights I will work out and stuff.... I don't need the extra $$ for anything dire.... just for my $3000 triathlon bike.... dang I really need to check into those because I don't think that a bike should be that expensive, they've got cool handle bars tho(that actually would be the reason I bought something... I do that.... LOTS)

This morning I had a seminar and it was a C.A.R.E(Connect,Appreciate,Respond,Empower) seminar that my work offers to help us with patient commuincation and all of that. One of the presenters said the following about our patients, and I can't stop thinking about it.... "Patients are People....not tasks" how true is this statement.... I was thinking about so many times I go thru the challenges of prepping everything and I check everything off prior to the patients arrival and when they get there as if my job isn't done until everything is checked off, and I don't really realize that this is someones mother, father, sister,brother,etc I just treat it like another name. It's not until the name is someone I recognize. This past week I've had a few familiar faces/names come across my desk and its been a humbling experience to say the least, that I know these people personally.... friends parents..... realitives... I can't really go into to much detail about any of the patients or how I know them due to confidentiality reasons, but I found myself spending extra time to get the little things that normally I don't have to get, and that are out of my "tasks" to complete because I know them. I have some emotions invested into this patient, and it also, got me thinking. Tuesday night after the gym Jayci and I did drive by's to try and clean up our RS lists and weed out those that aren't in our ward anymore, and I went thru the act of seeing the names not knowing who any of these girls were just trying to find out if they're in our ward or not, until we came across a name that I knew, a girl I grew up with that had moved into my ward 3 months ago and hadn't been to church or contacted in such a long time..... I had a vested interest... we thought that the address was incomplete but there were a couple buildings we could go try and normally I'd say lets just move on, but I had a emotional connection and I wanted to make contact with this person, and today I got the feeling "these less active sisters are my daughters, not tasks" how humbling was that experience? I have the chance to be the Lords Representitive here on earth to try and help bring those back to full activity, and its not just a task, these sisters are Daughters Of God, just like me. Thats what I learned today from a seminar at work.... ha ha!

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