Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Onnnne week until I head south... man I sure hope its nice down there cause I'm packin for summa!! I'm really excited to get to go running and play with all of my best friends... I'm sooo sooo sad that they're down there and I'm up here.... but they are...and I am. Rianne is looking for "jobs" for me down there... ha ha she thinks shes sooo smart but I've tried all of this already... she's just going to end up as depressed as I am... one day tho.. ONE DAY!... I was looking at UVU's nutrition program... holy cow is it ever good. When I go back to school I will go there, for that! I'll probably be way old by the time that happens tho!

So I took a few days off of running, and I'm not going to lie I'm pretty nervous for tonight... so please please pray for me :) Last night I took the night off because I got my hair FIXED and I just need to say its a HUGE change, and its what I wanted in the first place, but It's suuuuper short. I haven't had hair this short since I was really little, I really like it, it just needs some getting use to thats for sure! my pony tail is such a dink..... soooo small but its cute! Well, tonight I'm hitting the gym hard core, and every single day until I head down to utah.... then when I get back the plan is to run every night and alternate my run and my swims so I'm doing each 3 days a week...... last time I biked I had 51 minutes, and last time I swam it was like 20 minutes...... as of right now my time is 103 minutes..... so I have 27 minutes transition/tired time..... I think I might actually do this under two hours... WAHHHHHOOOOO but guess what?!?! ERIC hasn't even signed up for it yet. I thought he had, cause he told me he had, but last night Rianne was ragging on him for being super weak sauce.... he's going to regret it....... I have sooo much to do before my tri, I need to get a new bike.... I'm not getting a Tri bike because they're like 3000 bucks and I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it, and I really need to test out my wetsuit to make sure its not too thick for me to swim! I sure hope not.... and I get to buy a new workout/tri outfit...wahoo that will be closer to TRI-TIME! but I get it none the less..... I'm debating weather or not I want to do the YUBA tri or if I want to do the Halloween run....?!?! hmmmmmmm I can only do one not both, because I'm going down in October for conference too...... soooo many decsions...ha ha.... <3 it!

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