Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm leeeaving.....

After work today.... at 4:30 I'm driving down to my parents house to eat a delish dinner of ham,potatoes and corn before I head down to Utah tomorrow..... WOOHOOO... I'm going alone, but don't fret I am full prepared with seasons of OTH, Twilight and Step Up 1/2 that should keep me busy.... I always listen to tv shows while I'm getting ready, and so I figure why not listen to them while I drive.. .I can get thru one whole season of OTH on a trip there and back..... so that should keep me company! I'm excited to see my friends, to sock wrestle, and to play in Provo/Salt Lake... I miss living down there!!

Well I'll update when I get home, and maybe somehow put some pictures up..if I ever figure out how to do that!

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