Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updating alll around.....

Well, I'm back from Utah now, and let me just tell you I'm soooo glad that I went, it was definately a much needed trip down to see some of my best friends... I cried when I left Ri's ot was soo sad, We left a day earlier than we were supose to and I never got the chance to say bye to Eric, cause we left 2 hours before he got off work....GAY!!! ha ha.... but I'm going down again 6 weeks and I think it will be the longest 6 weeks of my life, but I will be busy as a bee so hopefully that will make it go by waaaaay fast.

So I got down to Utah early friday morning, had breakfast at IHOP with Abby and a friend of hers, then I went down to Salem to Erics house to meet up with him...haha oh man I missed that kid so much, he's freakin the funniest kid ever... I was really tired and grouchy alot of the weekend.... I hope we're still friends haha.... we went and washed my car and just played the game "remember when" haha some of the things we've done are actually half insane. He's such a good guy! Then we went up to salt lake to meet up with Aaron and went to the Gateway.... Man I miss that place sooooo much!!! We ate a delish dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. soooo good, then we headed down to Spanish Fork for a sleepover at Riannes house. Scott went to his brothers and so we had a huge sleepover that was supose to be girls only, but Eric and Aaron ended up sleeping over and we had leg wrestling fights and sock wrestling competitions... it was sooo much fun. I think I'm stronger than I thought I was because I kicked Eric into a wall..... ha ha... I still laugh about that one.....I freakin already miss Mal, Ri and Boo....those 3 girls are seriously the best ever!!! Aaron and Eric are ok too... but freak I love my girlies! Saturday we went and tried to do some shopping but I just didn't find anything I liked... sad.... I got to meet up with KATHRYN!!! wooohooo it was sooo good to see her... I had so much fun! We went to Ryans house and then met up with Mal and a bunch of her friends from Rexburg for some dinner, then Eric Kathryn Aaron and I went to FatCats to bowl, and while we were waiting we played some mean games of air hockey... ha ha I bowled really well actually... one of the last times I went, I bowled a 37 and I was nervous I was going to blow really bad, but I was in the lead pretty much the whole game, then cockiness took in and Eric won both games by 2 points...errrrr he beats me at everything.... Sunday we went to church at his ward, then went to his brothers house for a Valentines Day fondue party. It was sooo fun. We watched their triathlon video that Erics sister Jamie made for them, and it got me really excited to get home and start training, because lets be honest I said I was going to work out while I was down in Utah but I totally didn't..... Eric didn't even go running.... oops. So needless to say I was excited/nervous for my first training back.... Yesterday was Riannes birthday and everyone went on a birthday dinner date, and I wasted away at the gym alone.... I freakin can't wait for the next 6 weeks to fllllllllllllllllllly so I can go down there again, and actually train. I will for sure be training because I want to run/bike the course I'll be doing my tri at. I need to see what I'm up against! I still have to register for that, I should have done it at Ri's house but I totally didn't oooooops! Eric doesn't think I'll do it, but you watch..... I'll do it, and I kick his butt..... Ryan is a master at Tri's and hes got his time down to 1h17mins...ahhhhh whhhhat!! maybe one day... this is my first tri. I'm glad its Erics first one too....cause we can stick together! We got home super early monday morning and I went straight to work, then I went home from work slept from 5:30-11:30 then I went to walmart, took a shower and slept from 1:30-6:30 and I slept from 10-6:30 this morning and I'm still exausted... oh well it was soooo worth it...even tho I got nooo sleep the whole weekend, and I was pretty grumpy for a while. I still feel really bad, and wonder how I still have friends! oyi!

So, now for an update in my training..... I took a few days off while I was in Utah, and I honestly had every intention of training down there, Eric and I were even gonig to go for runs, but it was snowing, and then we had already showered...yada yada!! whatever... so many excuses... Anyways last night I got to the gym and I've been super tired lately so I wasn't looking forward to it, and the gym was waaaaaay packed, and yesterday was my day for a 15 mile bike and then walking 40 minutes on the treadmill...... so thats what I did..... I did my 13 mile bike in 51 minutes...thats about 4 minutes amile....... I don't know how much faster I will be able to get on this, so I'll just have to try and maintain and get better on my run and my swim..... I did a fast walk/jogging/running last night, but I kept getting this nasty cramp in my right leg(which still hurts today) and for the past 3 times I've gone running I get these bloody noses and I don't know where they're coming from, but its embarassing to be running and having my workout towel shoved up my nose.... actually sort of sick...... It seems like the most I try and run, the slower I get.... It's getting super frusterating... I actually want to swear(but I won't) I guess I have 6 weeks to pick up my lazy bones and maybe try and get in an extra work out..... I don't have that long until my tri... its in 3 months.... and then there is one in sept a YUBA tri that they want me to do, and a halloween run too... which I should be able to make..... I think I'm going to need another job just so I can afford to travel to all of these...haha!!! I'm sooo excited to go down for conference. I hate that even all of my canadian friends are in the states... everyone wonders why I come down so much, its cause I have no friends here... haha soooo sad! Anyways, thats my training update, my swim pass expired on friday so I need to go get a new one. but I'm fairly confident on my swim I know I can do it, so maybe next week I'll work on it... I need to work on my run and my bike before I go to utah, and then from when I get home til the tri I will run and I will swim.... my bike really isn't concerning me too bad..... oyi! Oh well... I'm headed to the gym tonight to train and its another run night for sure, and I might try and bike a few miles while I'm at it..... then it's off to play volleyball....woooooohooooooooo

Oh ya, I am planning the R.S birthday for March 17th, and I knowwhat I'm doing, and I know what I need to do, but I haven't started yet, and I usually leave things til the last minute, and then it's never as good as I want it to be, so I need to get my bootay in gear....

Eric and Ryan are going down to Arizona in two weeks to do a 292 mile relay.... freakin eh!! thats insane but I wish them good luck with that, and in their training, Erics portion of the relay is 18 miles and Ryans is 21.

Good Luck Boys!!!

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