Monday, February 2, 2009

My Luck is just.....

down the drain.... or maybe thats just my phone that went down the drain...the toliet drain to be exact... UGH!!! I cried when my phone fell in the toliet saturday night! frrreakin eh! Could I be any unluckier... oh wait, yah I totally could... I was driving to the Temple saturday morning talking about how if my windshield ever got hit with a rock I'd cry, then a freakin truck knocked a rock onto my windshield...... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It's just little, I need to go in an get it filled sometime this week.... and I had to buy a new phone.... which was $550 bucks..... GAH! Kill me.... sooo brutal! The only good thing to come out of this is that they were able to get all of my data off my old blackberry and transfer it to my new one... which was great, its the exact same phone, the exact same color, except now I'm $550 bucks poorer and I might not be able to go to Utah. I'm trying to be responsible and I don't want to go into debt for going on a trip that was impluse, and since I spent my trip money on a new phone... I might just have to wait until my trip in April to go play, I'll just go down for longer...haha!

So I think I just found a new sport that I loooove!! SOCK WRESTLING.... haha!! sooo excited.... we're having our first ever sock wrestling tournement this weekend... Joel and Mark made up the game, and they think they can beat Abby and I, so we're having a huge night of round robin wrestling..haha!! Abby and I have the sweetest outfits ever, and we are definately planning on kicking Joel and Marks trash.... so what you have to do is wrestle in different categories... its either 1 on 1 on 1..... or teams of 2 on 2... or just 1 on 1... so Abbs and I will definately be fighting Mark and Joel.... I'll have pictures up on facebook soon after the event so be ready!! soooo freakin fun!!

Annnnnd, tonight is back to the hardcore orginal training, and I'm excited. I haven't worked out in almost a week... wooohooo!! I'm actually excited to puke my guts out tonight after running for an hour.... I've missed the gym, and with all of my birthday festivities I didn't get to go very much last week, so I will be there this whole week... I will waste away my life at the pool and in the gym, considering I'm a little poor face... My goal this year is not to use my credit card for anything.... P.S they upped my credit card limit and I almost died....every 6 months they up it 500 bucks, and I didn't want them too....cause when they do I use it, and I don't need to be that far in debt!!!

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