Friday, January 30, 2009


**Side note, I had a huge post written and some lady just turned off my harddrive thinking she was rebooting hers(I'm in the library at the hospital) stupid woman!

AANNNYWAYS, so to update you on my birthday, it was really actually amazing. I woke up yesterday morning to a note by my toothbrush leading me on a hunt for my presents, and I got some awesome brownies, and some presents, I went to work and was showered with attention(which I looooove) and food...ugh! I never want to look at crap again! haha. After work I went to the of my fave places and treated myself to a new sweater and a new hoodie, which I am super happy to report is a whole size smaller than the other ones that I have. WOOHOOO. I was actually super surprised because I thought I was going to be atleast 200lbs with all that I've been eating lately haha.... but I guess not! While I was shopping Eric called me and sang his little heart out to me(bless his heart.... he wasn't very good, but it was the thought that counts right?) haha I'm sooo excited to see him in a few weeks, even tho I think he'll be stuck babysitting most of the weekend(haha inside joke), after that I went home to get ready for my date with Saren and I came home to more presents from my roomies.... how sweet! I got ready and SAREN was late she was supose to be at my house at 6:30 and she wasn't so after all my birthday nightmares I thought she forgot all about me...but she didn't my phone was just super slow all day because of all the messages I got...haha and so we went to the Olive Garden and SURPRISE! Tim, Pat and Adam were coming with us... it was such a fun night! Our waiter Mark was insane actually....literally...he was funny at first then he just got way overbearing and annoying, by the end of the night Adam was fighting with him, and Pat was ready to punch him out, and I was a little sick of him calling me babe,dear,hun and all the above...blah! I didn't want cake because I had eat soooo stinkin much of it over the last few days, so he brought me a bowl full of their chocolates(which I LOVE) by the way, and he stuck candles to the wrappers, It was absolutely amazing!! ha ha.... I am soo happy that Adam, Tim and Pat came to have dinner with me, they're such stellar boys!! haha! Tomorrow I am off to the Temple, then to Lethbridge to contiune in the birthday celebrations with my family! WOOHOO!! fave dinner again! I'm actually pretty excited!

So, I thought that I was going to be gaining massive amounts of weight and inches over the last week because I've seriously been eating everything in sight, today Sharon the sweet receptionist at work brought in cupcakes for my birthday... and so I had to eat one, and they were sure delish! but I am really actually excited to stop eating crappy... and start eating well again! I think its the reason I've been feeling so tired lately! My gym time has definately been lagging just a little bit too, but starting monday I'll be back at it again fullllllll force! I'm going for a run tonight. Eric has been running alot lately, and I think hes getting faster than I am, which definately is not a good thing! So I need to keep up to him :)

So random convo again..... this is how it goes...

Donna: Happy Birthday Lachele
Me: thanks donna...
Donna: Now you must be the oldest living single mormon girl I know...
Me: Donna am I still the only Mormon girl you know?
Donna: well yah!


this time in two weeks I will be chillin in Utah with Mal and Ri..... and maybe Eric if he gets done babysitting at an early hour!! wooooohoooo I am excited for snowboarding, and playing with my friends!

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