Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Nightmares

Ok, so for the last 3 nights in a row I've had nightmares about my birthday... for those of you who knows really know me you might think.... People either hanging out with me "on my birthday" and either ditching out on me while they're with me with lame excuses, or just not even showing up at all....I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something, you're probably wondering why is she having nightmares about her birthday... let me tell you... for the past 4-5 years or so I've had nothing but crappy birthdays! Let me recap....please do not laugh.....
18th- went to a friends funeral, she died in a car accident 5 days before my birthday, then right after the funeral I had to go to basketball practice where I barfed my guts out.
19th- I was in Utah and was missing all of my friends
20th- I was in Utah, I forget but I bet something bad happened this year too
21st- In alot of pain from being smashed up in a car accident 2 months prior
22nd-Coldest day of the YEAR(not even kidding -58) My car wouldn't start and none of my roomates even remembered my birthday.....I remember being on the phone with my mom just bawling because no one remembered, and I was alone at home because my jeep wouldn't start. Tomorrow is supose to be +6, and so far most of my friends have remembered.......
23rd-........ I can only imagine what is going to happen tomorrow....My dad told me that 23 is closer to 25 than it is to 20, and 25 is halfway to 30 which is almost 50..... no beuno papa!! Last night patrick and I went to dinner at the Olive Garden because we couldn't go snowboarding, because the hill closed from High winds.... BAHHH only in Alberta, so we're just going to rain check our lift tickets for next tuesday night!

Although I must admit I've had week long birthday festivities thus far, today at work my co-workers had a potluck for me, and Susan made me the BEEEEEST homemade black forest cake I've ever eaten in my life. I swear she loves me more than my own parents cause it was DELISH! ha ha..... I feel really sick from the last 3 days of just eating nothing but yummy, unhealthy food... my body definately will not like me come monday when its back to training hardcore, and cold turkey off sweets again! I don't have any plans for tomorrow night so far, go to the gym, play some volleyball.. you know...the usual thursday night activities.... Saturday I'm going down to the Temple to do baptisms with Saren, and then I'm going to do an Endowment session with some other members of my ward, then Saren and I are detouring to Lethbridge to have a birthday dinner with my family. I'm really excited to see them, I don't really get alot of excuses to see them all that much, even tho I live super close. I should really go home more often! Or maybe my family should just come to Calgary more often too.... I talk to my mom everyday and my dad like 3-4 times a week, so it feels like I see them. When I do see them its like no time has passed at all...

Needless to say, from all the eating that I've been doing in the last few days I'm not feeling the best. Junk food GALORE and I'm definately not feeling the greatest! :( NOOOOOOOO seems like everytime I take a step in the right direction something knocks me two steps back! I don't even like the taste of junk food anymore, it really upsets my stomach and makes me feel crappppy!!! In moderation I guess eh?!?!

Sooooo I just finished my "rough" draft of my lesson for sunday... I think its going to be a gooder, but I always give lessons on the mushy, self worth stuff. I think I really need it most of the time, so really the lessons are more for myself than they are for the other 65 girls in the room! I'm going to think about it for the next few days, and reflect on any changes then go to the Temple saturday. I think that the Temple is such a good place for reflection, and its always nice to go there right before I teach, plus it will be a good experience I'm going to do baptisms with Saren, and this is the first time that shes been to the Temple since she was like 14... so I am wicked stoked!!! wooohooo!!!

I had something else I wanted to blog about but I forget what it was, so If I remember I'll just post again, if not... then I'll just post again once I start getting my lazy butt outta bed earlier and heading swimming.... I'm a little disappointed I'm not swimming as much as I should be... but what can ya do.... only try and do better next time!

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