Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adventures of Patrick and Wayne!

Let me just tell you about these patrick and wayne characters..... they're pretty much the funniest people I've ever met..... oh WAIT they're me and Trish! Ok, so let me just tell you a little about patrick and wayne... Trish is from Nelson BC(where my dad is from, and where I use to spend a good chunk of my summers when I was little) and we were in school together, and when we met we put two and two together, and my dad started telling me stories about her parents when they were our age, and in return her dad started telling her stories about MY dad... haha "Wicked Wickens"... ahh good times.. My dad is pretty much the best ever! He's sooo funny! ANYWAYS, so we had this connection and in our class we always hung out and stuck together, well apparently the semseter before there was this huge BLACK man that use to sit where I sat and my teach had the hardest time calling me Lachele, she would call me WAYNE!.... and it sort of just stuck.... and natrually if I had a man name, so did trish... so hers is PATRICK... anyways... we finished up with school, and I got a job at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and I hooked her up with a job, so for the past 10 months or so her and I have been working together, I don't think I've ever heard her call me Lachele, and I can't call her Trish.... its always patrick and wayne, and it started to rub off on other co-workers so now they call us patrick and wayne... it's pretty funny... anyways so we decided we're going to go snowboarding together, and I haven't been since before my car accident, and she just started so we thought it would be fun to take lessons, so we're just going up to COP for the next 3 tuesday nights and we're taking lessons.... One of us is going to end up in Emerg I just have a feeling, it seems like whenever patrick and I get together its nothing but a good time, and we usually pee our pants!(no for real) ha!! So I know that this experience will be nothing short of a good time, and if I can ever learn how to put pictures up I will post our experiences, but until then you'll just have to live with my amazing visuals! hahahahaha I just want this day to be over with so we can go RIGHT NOW! but its not, and I'm absolutely exausted... I'm sure not as "young" as I use to be, I use to be able to stay up all night and then go to school and study and then play hard all night again and be fine, but I am definately feeling it, I have to honestly get 8 hours of sleep or else I'm a grandma! wtf :( So I will update you on our experiences tomorrow...assuming I'm not in surgery for a shattered femur....

So I think I must be above the law or something, because I think that since its my birthday week I can break all the rules I've set for myself, that for the past 3 weeks I've kept down to a T.... People are still bringing in food that they don't want at their houses left over from the holiday and I apparently think its ok to eat it.... its not all bad food, but its not food that I packed for myself, I find myself eating or grazing as we like to call it at work.... on other peoples food and then I dont want my own, and then I take it home, it doesn't get eaten and then my money goes in the GARBAGE! I am now learning the value of a buck.... I feel bad for all the food I wasted growing up at my parents house! Anyways.... Mal, Ri and I decided that we'd only eat "junk" on special occasions(birthday, easter,thanksgiving and a couple days at christmas) well... apparently my birthday is a week long festivity that requires me to just eat and eat and eat..... I think I've probably gained back all the weight that I've lost since the beginning of the year, which I was losing from all the crap I ate over the holidays so I'm just back to where I started.... shame on me! I use to think I was scared of what Ri and Mal would do to me if they found out I cheated....but I'm more worried about what will happen to me while I train! I read somewhere(don't quote me on figures...but along these lines) that working out is only 30% on getting in shape and losing weight, and the other 70% is eating a balanced healthy diet..... so really I suck...haha I don't do it often but when I do eat stuff I shouldn't I feel gross, and it really just doesn't even taste all that good anymore... I just eat it cause I don't even know why.... haha SOOOO there is my little rant lately.... I just need more willpower..... last night while I was at the gym I ran for a whole hour and now I am really sore, I really need to start stretching before and after, I have a feeling with how sore I am today combined with snowboarding tonight I might actually die tomorrow.... Oh well.... what can ya do?? I'll just have to press on and keep up the "good work"...... I haven't gone swimming yet this week and I don't think I'll make it there this week at all... I really need to focus more on my events I'm not as strong at, and swimming is definately one of them.... I wanted to do my tri in under 2 hours... which gave me 40 minutes an event..... and I already know my bike is going to be about 47 so thats 7 minutes I need to cut off my swim and or my run, and right now my run is about 33ish(probably will be longer because its my last event and I'll be exausted) and I really honestly don't have atime on my swim yet, so maybe my new goal s hould be 3 hours??? or just to cross the finish line? Saturday Eric told me that hes running about 8 mile minute... so we're on the same page or pretty close on the run, and he says he sucks at swimming(I'm one step above sucking....) so I've got 1 on him there too... it all comes down to who can bike faster! ha ha...... I won't get cocky, I'll just keep on working hard, and somedays just work a little harder! I really need to learn more about nutrition and eating while training, I'm pretty sure a banana split isn't a "wise" choice, but one of my friends gave it to me last night because she won't see me on my birthday.... oyi! JUST SAY NO... .how come its so easy for me to say no to smoking and drugs but not to bad food....haha!!!

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