Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thats what I am.... Saturday when I was at the Temple with my friends I saw a girl I recognized and I couldn't figure out where I knew her from.... and then in the Celestial Room it dawned on me and I got freakin embarassed... I came across her blog from one of my friends lists and I always check it to see what her and her cute family are up too.... I instantly turned red and tried to hide from her(I just figured since I knew that her daughter who is 1 is already going thru terrible two's how her feet are sooo swollen from her 2nd pregnancy and that they're trying to buy a house just down from her parents.) that she knew I was blogstalking her....haha!!!

I wish my blogposts could have some sort of "theme" but I just sort of post whatever I want....whenever I want.... so I'll be talking about something and then just go off about something else....story of my life!! seriously! But I came across another blog....stalking again... ok, I guess there is a theme here! Anyways, this girl is training to do the Salt Lake half Marathon and shes blogging about it...what a good idea(I wish I thought of it.) but shes actually good at blogging about it, I blow at blogging about it.... sooooooooo I've committed myself again... and I think I did this last month but already fell off the band wagon....so here goes again!!! Last night before FHE I went for a 3 mile run.... I swear I keep getting slower and slower everytime I run... I thought I was supose to get better?!?! For FHE we had a picture scavanger hunt, and my team was sooo amazing.... 4 girls 1 boy.... I felt sorry for that kid...between me driving down a one way street the wrong way, and girls screaming trying to find directions... I think he wanted to jump out of my jeep... We ran thru China town, down Stephen Ave and all over to find king kong..... I was running in my Uggs and I think I did something to my foot cause it hurts real bad... and no I am not making up excuses.... :( But I will press on... I'm going to do another run tonight and then hit up the pool for a few hours... I need to set up a schedule and follow it, but until then I will just do whatever I want....

10 Days Til UTAAAAAAH!!!! woohooo

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