Thursday, February 5, 2009

My blog hates me.....

I had a huge long post typed out... and then all of a sudden POOF.....yes poof... it was gone! This is like the 5th time this has happened... and I don't even know why!..... My blog just hates me!

So last night.... I got back into the groove of things.. I went to the gym and I went swimming... it was pretty much amazing. I always feel so much better after I go to the gym, yet I always have these insane internal battles.... I really have nothing else to do other than go to the gym, so I don't see what my big problem is..I'm just a wussy! So I didn't do my run last night cause my foot hurt, I'm proud to announce the swelling is gone, and its not bruised to badly anymore! I'm really being a worry wart for nothing, and I realized last night that this experience really could have been something so differently... but I haven't let myself change thru this. I haven't really been pushing myself lately the way I would like to push myself..... So....I've been swimming 300m for the last 4 weeks, and I think I still have 3 or 4 weeks left to train on 300m before I move up to 400m swims. I'm still trying this whole co-ordination thing... and it doesn't actually seem to be working out for me all that well.... although, my time has greatly improved its no where near where I want to be, but I realized... I have 15 weeks... thats plenty of time. I'm planning on overtraining on all 3 of my events.... so instead of just training for the exact times I'm going to train/take my times of higher mileage... so for my run I might go to 4 miles, my bike might be 15 miles and my swim might be 500m. I'm happy to report that I just might be able to complete this Tri in under 2 hours like my orgional goal! I'm a little disappointed in myself in a few aspects.... 1. Is the spiritual side of myself that I can rely on thru this. I haven't been doing a good job of asking for learning experiences thru all of this. and 2. which is the biggest of my two concerns is my nutritional training for this, which is almost as big of a task as my physical training. Lately, I've been super tired after a 30 minute run, and I've been wanting to actually die. I've been evaluating what I've been eating in the past month or so, and for the first 3 weeks I was on top of the world with my training, and I was feeling absolutely amazing... and now I've slacked, and all of last week I pretty much sucked in the eating/working out dept. I guess I celebrated my birthday a little bit tooo much!! meh! Most of you know that my fave show is the Biggest Loser, and so I wanted to know their secrets on how they had so much energy to work out 8 hours a day, and I barely had energy for a two hour work out.... wtf.... so I found out that pretty much they're on the 4-3-2-1-0 diet with portion control. They Eat 4-fruits/veggies 3-proteins 2-whole grains 1-other 0- junk(the last one is in moderation.... a "healthy" treat is alright sometimes...but not everyday! So I'm going to do this. I've done it today so I'm 1 for 1. I realized how I didn't eat a whole balanced it was from skipping meals, or eating actual junk. But for breakfast I ate Cherrios(grain/protein) for my snack I ate an apple(fruits) lunch I had a homemade chicken pizza(protein1/2,grain1/2, fruits) and for my afternoon snack I had an apple with peanut butter(fruit,protein) so pretty much for dinner I need a veggie......1/2 protein..... I think I added alittle bit of junk in there too....booooooo I'm working on that, and I know that my diet is the biggest part of my training, and so I'm trying. I'm also drinking water like a fish! Wish my luck on this part of my training... its by far been the biggest trouble that I've had! I found a couple biking/running trainings I want to try.... They're interval trainings and it will really help with my endurance.... so I will try working them into my plan(not caring about the time) for a while and see if that actually helps improve my time. Someone told me that I should be interval training and only timing my events on my brick days. So once a week.... Does this all sound like chinese to some people, because sometimes I think I understand what I'm reading, and other times I feel like I'm stupid!......For this reason exactly is why I need a degree in nutrition!

7 days 15 minutes until I leave for Utah.... I'm planning on driving as far as I can on Thursday night and finishing my trip friday morning. I would like to be there by noonish, so I can see everyone/play with all of my friends. I miss everyone down there, and I'm stoked to get to see them!


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