Friday, February 27, 2009

Going hoooooome

I'm going home this weekend, because I didn't do anything last weekend, I stayed home, went to the gym and just did nothing, so why not just go home and do nothing?? Good idea right... RIIIIIGHT I'm going home after work to pack, and then I'm headed down to good ol' So.Ab!! My mom is taking my sister and I shopping tomorrow, and I'm going to do Wii fit and play guitar hero with my dad and just be lazy alllllllll weekend....

So, Last night I had a Stake Relief Society Presidency meeting with all of the R.S presidencies in the stake, and it was really good. With my calling its really hard sometimes without the support of others. I'm the Enrichment Councillor in the presidency, and lets just say I had nothing but bad experiences in this calling in my last ward, so I'm not as stoked as I should be about planning activities. I go thru all the trouble of planning a fantastic activity and 4 people show up, it's pretty depressing....I realized last night after meeting with all the other enrichment councillors that they all have the exact same problem... it made me feel good that I wasn't alone in this, I thought it was cause I was in a singles ward, but NOPE! it happens everywhere... We were all talking about our march 17th party and when I told them what my theme was they all just thought it was the cutest idea on the face of the earth... so needless to say in a few weeks I'm going to be getting a whole heck of alot of emails from the other councillors to see if I actually pulled it off with a hit! and I just hope that I do. I have a wonderful committee this time around and its getting even bigger which is what I need... Everything is falling into place, and I've done something, thats never been done before(by me) I DELEGATED.... I know everyone take a step back and breath.... I don't do that very often because I have a vision inside my head of what I want it to look like, and I end up just trying to do it all my self...... and then I get burnt out... and I dont know why I try and do it all my self, because I am the LEAST creative person that I know.... Sooooo this year I left the decorations up to another part of my committee and I'm washing my hands of it, and whatever happens will happen.... SOOOOOOO I'm excited. It's all starting to come together! I love it. I got so many good ideas from the other "older" sisters in the stake, and I want to try them. I'm really thankful that I work with a president who lets me do what I want with my calling, and doesn't set guidelines for me. It's been amazing! I love Cora and Jayci.. they're waaaay funny!!!

Training..... oh my training...haha!!! freakin eh! It's coming... slowly but surely.... I'm going home tonight and I'll be home tomorrow so I won't get a chance to run for a few days, but monday I will be back up and killin' it. It's my 2nd week running for a whole mile non stop(endurance training) and next week I will be doing two miles, that way when I'm in utah I will be doing the full 3.5 mile run, and from Utah until the actual triathlon I will be working on my speed. My bike is going very well... I'm as happy as I'm going to get with it. I've got to get back in the pool tho. Thats something that I've been thinking alot about, and I'm not as fast as I'd like to be, but I think I can get away with only swimming 1-2times a week and still get a pretty decent time. So wish me good luck! Cause I think I am going to need it... My roomate alisha gave me this sweet exercise log for my birthday(yesterday) even tho my birthday was a month ago, and I'm super stoked to use it. It will let me record all of my stats down, and I can keep record of my eating and what not. I'm excited to start using it.

At work yesterday this girl was talking about Lent, growing up I went to a Catholic elementary school....don't ask... ha ha.... worst experience of my life, but I knew a little bit about catholicism(sp) and I knew about lent, and its 40 days before Easter and each person "gives" something up.... and she was talking about how she was giving up t.v and chips blah blah blah, so I'm going to do it too(only I'm two days behind) I'm giving up all junk food for as long as I can. I've been doing pretty this year, for the majority of the time I'm pretty please with the way I eat, although I do get off track and eat stuff I shouldn't.... but who doesn't..... anyways... for lent I'm going to "try" giving up all junk food... I've just found some pretty amazing organic chocolate that is way better for you that normal stuff.... so I'll just have to avoid that for the next 38 days..... I don't think my training will mind that too much... its all mental. I work in the worst place for that tho, cause everyone brings food/junk they don't want at their houses to work, and I walk past it....and it says.... "eat me lachele, just one...." and then one turns into 5...haha.... oh this will be interesting...I'll keep you updated!!!

Again... Good luck to Eric and Ryan this weekend. They're in Arizona right now....
DOOOOON'T die boys!!!

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