Monday, January 19, 2009


My poor little tired mind plays tricks on me at 5:30 am..... yup thats right, thats what time I set my alarm for... and I woke up...looked at the time and thought... oh silly me I'm not supose to get up til 6:30 then I re-set my alarm... for 6:30... Today I was going to go swimming before work... and I thought I set my alarm clock wrong, I've actually been pretty upset all morning because of this stupid mistake.... I even went to bed at 9:30 so I could wake up on time.... Maybe tomorrow.... DEFINATELY tomorrow!!

Training has been going really well so far so good. I got in a really good work out saturday. I absolutely just love the gym... I just love it, it's sooo great and I always feel better after I know I've worked pretty hard... I wish I was seeing results more quickly, but I think I've hit a plateau... I'm really trying to work on endurance right now... and so I'm spending about a week on each interval.... I don't actually know if I'm doing this right... I'm just sort of guessing... I'm really excited cause while I'm in rexburg my friend mallorie from Provo is coming up and shes one of the girls I'm doing the triathlon with....we're going to get to train together... so it will be nice! I can't believe that one month is almost gone... only 4 more to go! I don't really feel like I've accomplished all that much this month... I'm a slacker.. I need to pick up that slack asap!!! WOOHOOO/AHHHH haha thats sort of how I'm feeling right now! Tonight I'll get my run in and then I have fhe and a presidency meeting...then its off to swimming... I don't doo too much to make my schedule busy... but it seems like I'm really busy lately! I've also decided I'm going to take an institute class this semseter too... So between fhe and an institute classs I'm taking I don't really have time for many more distractions right now!

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