Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New shoes...or New Legs

I totally think I need new shoes...or new legs because if I don't get new ones soon I think I might actually die... I swear... I am in soooo much pain today.. yesterday was my first run of the official training that I'm doing, and after the first few minutes I was pretty impressed with myself. I hadn't lost my touch at all... I was going at a decent pace, and I was coming up on hitting my 1 mile mark in 8.5 minutes which is pretty good cause I only have to run 3.5 or something like that for the tri.....and I want to try and do my run portion in about 25 minutes... so I only need to try and shave like 2 minutes off.... woohoooooo but at 1.1miles I got the most awful pains in my tibialis anteriors(the muscle on the front of your lower leg) on both sides.... I pushed thru it, stopping a little bit more than normal to stretch them out.... and nothing worked, and now today I'm definately paying for it... :( So I've come to the conclusion that I either need a leg transplant(which might be pretty dang expensive and might not work so well....) or I need new running shoes... and I think I might try the latter of my conclusions. Sooooooo I'm sooo excited to say that saturday I'm going to the running store(theres an actual running store) and I'm going to look into some new shoes, and I knew I needed to get some new ones soon, but I don't really think I can run that much on these ones anymore... its time for my shoes to retire...they look like they've had a good long life so I don't feel bad about it! I'm actually pretty stoked to get some new ones! I'm going to get someone to examine my feet, and we'll see if we can get ones to fit the arches of my feet... I have pretty high arches... and it sucks.... So tonight I have a 5 mile bike and my weights, so I should be done at the gym in about an hour, last night it felt so werid to be leaving the gym an hour after I got there... I use to spend my whole nights there....monday-thursday and all day saturdays.. I need to find something else to fill my time with......Ohh... do you want to know whats amazing... I only pay $2.10 a month for my gym membership cause after my 2 year contract was up I got a year free for refering two of my friends and I just have to pay the admin fee... WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! amazing... looks like I'm cheap and easy!

Well its a good thing that this weeks training is pretty light and I can have the rest of my nights to do whatever, because its WELCOME week for institute and tonight is the BBQ up at the north inst. building, so that should be fun, sunday I saw alot of new faces... my ward always gets a new shipment of girls, and never any boys, but I saw afew new ones... they're pretty cute..haha! ahhhh the life of a girl in the Singles Ward... I love it... I didn't however get sustained into the new presidency as of yet.... They're doing it this sunday, so I'm really excited... the RS is huge now, and its going to be so much fun, and I actually think we might get some pretty good turn outs to enrichment.... Any ideas for enrichment activities would be great! I've got some good ones, and I'm going to need help coming up with some!

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