Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Two posts in one day... but I am juuuust soooo excited... I forgot to blog about something before and I wanted to blog about it....and I think I might be jumping the gun with this next thing, but I'm just soooo stinkin excited!!!


So you'll recall a post last week about how my ward got deleted off the face of the earth.... and I was sooo sad to be released from the Relief Society Presidency.... and at FHE monday night before we went home for Christmas we watched the Christmas Story with Ralphie... I love that movie!! such a classic... its definately NOT christmas without that movie... anyways... I talked to my Bishop and he told me to "enjoy my retirement from relief society for a brief time" because in the new year he'd be calling me.... and I didn't think much of it... but today Bishop Terner called me, and told me there would be some re-organization within the new ward so that we had old riverparkers with some callings and what not... so I was thinking he was going to ask me to be a ward missionary, or a teacher in relief society.... WRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOONG! He called me to be back in the Relief Society Presidency..... WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO.... most of you are thinking... WTF lady... are you kidding me?!?! why are you so excited for that?!?! but I am stoked to be back in the presidency.... I loved my calling, and I loved the responsiblity. I felt like I was really making a difference and it was amazing, so to be back in the new and improved presidency is such a blessing... and here I thought the Lord had a pretty funny sense of humor by releasing me before my next year got swamped with other commitments!....I figured he released me because that was better than me sucking at my calling... HHA I was wrong! but can I just tell you that I most certainly will not be complaining about all the extra weekly new move in/less active/birthday visits I have to do. I will be doing it with gratitude in my heart! I will just have to re-organize my training schedule that I made to include all of my extra meetings... <3 it! It won't really be until closer to my tri that it will really come to crunch and I'll be hard pressed for time, cause as it is for the next little while my training is pretty reasonable, and after I've hit the end of my training I will just be able to do bricks, and try and improve on my times, I won't really have to "train" I'll just have to "maintain"..... Can I just tell you that my prayers have been answered. I felt sooo lost that Sunday that I was released from the Presidency.... and now I just feel AMAZING again!!! I love the church and the blessings that it brings to my life. I love serving others and I know that its my calling in life is to serve others and bring them into the gospel!. How can I not be blessed... and feel the Saviors love on a daily basis when I have had a simple prayer answered.... I just asked Heavenly Father to find a calling for me soon, because I wanted to be busy.... Call me nuts/physcho/lame/werid.... but I work way better under pressure... and I love it when I'm busy, because when I am not doing anything I feel lazy and I feel under achieved and then I get all sorts of depressed...

Ok, so on a less selfish note... I've been meaning to go visit Chris Evanson in the hospital since his accident, and I tried to go see him before I went home for christmas but I couldn't find where he was, and when patients are in ICU they can't just give out that info without family consent, so I went home from christmas pretty bummed, and after I got to see Darren and talk to him( I realized hes a tough kid, and he knows that he was saved for a reason, and hes not taking that for granted) hearing him talk about what happened makes me feel a whole lot better about it, and after having talked with/heard stories about Chris Yokoyamas funeral and how his family is dealing with it, I'm coming to terms with it alot easier now, anyways on monday night after work I was walking thru FMC(foothills medical centre) emerg and the ICU waiting room door was open and I spotted Thom and Carol Evanson... so I made a Bee line straight in there, and got to talk to Carol for a few minutes, and then she asked me if I wanted to see Chris.... :) OF COURSE I DID.... so she took me back into his room and let me visit with him for a long time. Chris is doing amazing, and hes looking amazing! He's a strong kid! I don't remember him being as big as he was when I saw him... I remember him being not much taller than me, but he's a whooping 6'4! Shows how long it's been since I've seen him :(. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have of life after death, because this would be such a bigger tragedy if we didn't know where Chris was. He's doing more good on the other side of the veil and I'm thankful for him. I'm thankful that what has happened in that tiny town of Taber has lifted that town and brought them together, I truly felt that while I was home, especially on sunday when every single meeting started and ended with a prayer in their behalf! We truly are one large family in the eyes of the Lord..... So yah... I was just sooo excited that I got to see Chris, and I can't wait til I can go see him. He's such a Champ!

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