Wednesday, December 31, 2008

9 Goals for 2009--playing catch up too!

well.... this title might be decieving because I don't have 9 goals for 2009 YET!... I've been racking my brain because this year I'm actually going to do this! I'm going to accomplish all 9 goals for this year, while some were no brainers (doing my first,second and hopefully third triathlons) and getting back into shape I'm having a hard time coming up with ones that aren't silly. hmmm any suggestions would be awesome. I'll probably blog about them at some point tomorrow after I've had time to think of the last 2 or 3. I use to get really excited for new years, but the last few years just haven't been what I expected so I'm not really 'excited' for new years this year. It's the samething/people/atmosphere every single YEAR! Hopefully 2009 treats me alittle bit better than 2008 treated me.... As I've been relfecting back on 2008 here are just some of the highlights:

JAN: is my moms/and my birthday(pretty much the best month ever)
FEB: I went thru the Temple on Feb 2 and it was pretty much the best day ever. I couldn't have asked for anything more wonderful and I'm still to this day thankful for all those who braved the crazy canadian highways to support me. I love you all. I also finished my practicum and got a job at the Tom Baker Cancer Center
MARCH: My best friend came up from Portland and I was able to spend a few days with him chillin, and we were able to go to the Temple in Cardston.
APRIL: I went on one of the worlds funniest road trips with my bestie Laura.. only she will ever truly know the 'real' me...and vis versa! ( I feel bad for her hubbie ;))
MAY: I had the chance to go down to Idaho with Chelsea to see Chase again and it was such a fun weekend. I forgot how much I missed that kid!
JUNE:...... urgggggg It's my little sisters birthday
JULY: STAAAAAMPEDE, Camping, Roadtrips, Partying all night and dying the next day at work, Floating down the Bow River, bon fires and the lake! nuff said
AUGUST: Just looovin life and takin a lil road trip down to Utah for the week with my bestie Saren. We spent a week with Erics family and it was awesome. I just love that family and I had so much fun visiting all of my friends and going to 7 peaks with Erics little sister and her best friend Anna... Also I said bon voyage to one of my besties Laura who up and got married on me and moved to freakin Iraq(Iraq to me is anything off the north american conteinent, they moved to Germany and are absolutely LOVING it) and I just love them!!
SEPT:....... played with my friends and absolutely loved it!
OCOTOBER: Thhhhanksgiving, General Conference(Calgary getting a Temple) HAAAALLLLOWEEN!
NOV: roadtrip(flying) down to Utah to spend a few days with Eric and Clay...(just love those two boys sooo much), Tried my hand at Cheering for BYU(they lost, I hate losing)
DEC: Christmas season, service projects, tragedies, Christmas, Navtivities, Hot Chocolate, Zoo Lights, get togethers with Old friends......

I guess I can't really complain too much about 2008 it looked like it treated me pretty well... but I am definately ready for 2009!

I totally forgot to blog about christmas.... which was FABULOUS! I love christmas and I loved spending time with my family. I definately don't go home enough(with how close I live) I got down to Taber christmas eve, and my family and I all went out for our christmas eve tradish of CHINESE FOOD... yum I love chinese food we went home, played games and just chilled! Christmas day was awesome. I didn't really ask for too much this year... I got a crockpot, and a magic bullet... alot of car stuff(roadside parents are awesome... I've needed stuff outta here before) I got my new snowboarding coat and pants and toque,gloves and goggles and tons of awesome odds and ends. I also scored some sweet giftcards to my FAVE stores!! <3 it!!! Boxing day I had the chance to go do some shopping and I'm proud to say I didn't buy all that much, just a bunch of snowboarding things... I didn't even use my giftcards... I'll save them for a rainy day. I love going down to Southern Alberta...but hate it at the same time... at the mall I saw sooooooo many people that I knew(some I was excited to see, and some that I pretended I didnt see looked down and nicely walked away)'ve done it too! I saw the lovely world traveller Jaylene... whom I love DEARLY! and I got the chance to spend the day with Kathryn and her Brother Darren. I love those two soooo sooooo much! Darren is such a stud and I'm definately thankful for him. Sunday I went to church... I always love/hate going to the family ward.... I never remember all the old peoples names... So get this... there is another lachele in my family ward(go figure right... theres 4 in Taber) anyways... the OOOOOTHER lachele got engaged... and everyone thought it was me... sooo akward right... ha ha....maybe next year team! They're all gunning for me thats for sure! After church I hung out with my family for a bit and then I went to the annual highschool christmas reunion where it was attack of the MARRIED COUPLES... I definately felt very outta place but loved seeing all of my friends! I love each of my friends and still its like the last 5 years hasn't happened.. .we're still the same crazy kids...only some of us have spouses and babies... AAAAAAAHHHH ha ha... lllllove it! I had to work monday morning so I stayed for about an hour then I had to try and brave the icy awful canadian highways.... ooooh the sacrafices I make to see my friends.... the roads were definately soooo bad, I don't think I've ever prayed for a whole 4 hours straight in my entire life.... YES FOUR hours... it took me to get from Taber to Calgary.... cuuuurse bad roads!.... My dad and Saren called me a couple times asking me where I was...and honestly I didn't know the fog was soooo bad! I didn't know I was in Fort Mac until I came into the city limits and even then I could barely see the roads. I am soooo thankful for a reliable jeep that travels thru the ice and fog and bad roads like a CHAMP!

Soooooo.... I think I'm all caught up for 2008, and I'm ready to welcome in 2009 in 11 hours!! Wooohooo... I hope you all have an amazing new years and tomorrow is when I start my "official" Tri Training, so I'm going to try and blog more frequently about that... and tomorrow I will try and get my 9 Goals for 2009 up....<3

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