Thursday, January 8, 2009


So its a week into 2009 and I have no goals yet.... which means I'm a week behind...not exactly the way I wanted to start off 2009... BUT alas, I think I have them... most of them are pretty fun I have to admit, I think I will have no problem accomplishing them

9 Goals for 2009

1.Train/compete in my first triathlon(May30/09 Salem Under 2 hours!)
2. Ride 200 miles with Rianne and Mallorie for Cancer(the link for our team will be up soon, so if any of you are feeling generous to donate, we'd appreciate it)
3.To go to the Temple atleast once a month(visit Temples I've never been to..I've been to Cardston,Rexburg,Bountiful,Salt Lake, Provo and Idaho falls) ,make sure to read my scriptures/ensign/church books regularily, give service, fulfill my calling to the best of my ablility and serve others, to make sure I pray aloud atleast twice I day.
4.To find things that define me, things that I love again. My one love in highschool was basketball, so I want to find something I'm inlove with again(I think my list has started Triathlons, snowboarding, photography(this is a new one), I want to start painting again, I want to start diving more)
5.To become a homemaker in every sense of the word! My goal is to learn how to cook, and cook well... and nutritious food....homemade bread, my own soups, I want to learn about home decorations
6.Possibly to fall in love... this one I'm still nervous about.... so I'm going to put an * on it and this one might be substituted for something else at any given point in time.
7.To buy a new bike, camera, snowboard
8.To actually save money(which might omit #7) ha ha!
9.Be happy with who I am, the way God made me, and if theres something I don't like, don't let it get me down just change it!

So thats them.... They might sound a little lame, but I think right now I'm trying to reshape who I am, and who I've been for the last 4 years, and now I'm finally getting the courage to take new challenges. I'm the type of person who will not do something for fear of failing.... take snowboarding for example... I haven't gone in two years because I'm nervous that I'm going to suck again. I finally got a good friend of mine to offer to take snowboarding lessons with me(even tho shes a good snowboarder) The lessons we're signed up for are intermediate boarders so towards the end he'll be trying to teach us some tricks....another example is my Triathlon... I'm soooo nervous to just up and SUCK that I'm training 5 months ahead...when really 11 weeks is more than plenty.... My goal is to do the whole thing in under two hours.... which for a first timer.. I should just be happy to cross the finish line, but I definately don't want to laugh myself out of Utah county..... and I'm pretty competitive and Eric talks alotta natrually I'm ready to run him into the ground, in a humble way of course! So yeah, those are just a few of my fears, and I'm going to get rid of those asap..... I really want to start doing alot more diving with my dad. I've been certified since I was 12 years old and my dad and I use to go so much when I was younger but haven't gone out a whole lot the last few years, but I'm really hoping this summer we'll be able to go alot more. Anyways... feel free to check up on me at any point....I'll need it!

My training has been going well....I need new shoes before I'm outta pain, the last few days I've just been trying to work thru the pain and keep going, but I'm definately feeling the repercussions the next day.... only 21 weeks left until the BIG day :)


Kimberly Jane said...

What's with only 9 goals? Did I miss something? Come on Canuck, go for 10.

Lachele said...

we only count to 9 here.... :)