Monday, December 8, 2008

Just sooo much snow!!!

Ok, so here I am to complain just a little bit.... it's snowed like 30cm in the last day.... Normally I wouldn't mind but you see.... saturday I bought a BRAND new jeep... and everyone thinks that it's ok to drive really close to me on the crappy roads in Calgary(Calgarians are the worst drivers EVER) I'll never be one of them.... so yeah if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't just buy a new jeep, I wouldn't care about all the snow.... it would just mean I get to go SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!! I don't have the best track record with new vehicles. Ugh! So I think I will be on edge for a while, but can I just tell you that I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my new jeep... it's amazing!! I love my dad so much for finding it for me(he found it, but he did not buy it) I bought it allllll by myself, and I love that I can do things like this for myself now!

Now, that I am done complaining about the snow... I am going to say that I LOOOOOOOOVE how amazingly beautiful the tree lined streets of Calgary look with all of this snow. It's absolutely breath taking, I took a couple pictures yesterday, I'm not the best photographer/or have the best camera......but If I ever learn how to upload pictures on here I will for sure do it..... I am so excited to go snowboarding this winter, it will be my first winter in 2 years that I'll be able to go, and I'm so excited. This weekend I'm going to pick out all my gear(cause thats what I'm getting for christmas from my parents) so I'm pretty stoked! I'm not a huge fan of winter, but this definately makes it bearable thats for sure!

Also, another reason I just love winter is because of CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I just love christmas and the spirit that is around. Everyone is sooo much nicer, and giving and charitable! Yesterday I had the chance to give the Presidency Message in Relief Society. Sometimes I struggle with what to teach on that first Sunday of the month, because the Presidency doesn't really have a topic/lesson to go by...we pick our own topic and let the spirit direct us. Well... all week I just struggled with what I was going to teach, and I hate leaving this until the last minute because I almost never feel prepared and I don't think it's fair to the Sisters I teach if I'm not prepared. So everyday last week while I was at work I was trying to find christmas stories or something to spark an idea... and everyday I read a couple stories and found myself crying at my desk at work... and at the end of the week I picked the two that I felt made the biggest impact on me. I ended up teaching on the Spirit Of Christmas(Christ) and how to keep that feeling present all year long instead of just thru the month of Decemeber. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye left in that room when we were done because of the Spirit that was present! One girl said something that I can't stop thinking about, she said shes been so stressed out with trying to find presents for her family who has everything, and that what she really needs to be stressed/worried about is finding presents/ways to serve those who have nothing, and I really think that this time of year we each need to stop back and reflect on finding ways to help those people that have nothing. That is my thought for the day!

NOOOOOOW, I said that I would be logging my training for my triathlon, but I'm not actually starting "official" training until Jan 1st, so I guess you can call this a "pre-training" update. Saturdays are usually my long workout day( I'm inlove with Biggest Loser, so I like to call it my Last Chance Workout) I'm at the gym typically for 4-5 hours.... and I just do cardio and weights and maybe take a class or two depending on what time I drag my lazy bones outta bed.... but saturday I didn't get my chance to workout, cause my dad called me telling me about this jeep and it was a crazy good deal and I had to jump on it today, so I just drove down to Taber on a whim and bought a jeep.... totally not like me, most of the time I like to plan things out... I kind of like it. Anyways, I haven't really been the best at going to the gym since I got home from utah either... which needs to change too... and that all starts TONIGHT..... everynight after work on my way home from the gym I'm going to try and spend 1-2 hours just building up my endurance, come January I will be on a set schedule for running,biking and swimming. I'm taking a spin class in january on monday nights too that I'm really excited about, I'm hoping it will help me with my bike. Right now I'm just running and biking whenever I feel like it. Most of the time I'm excited to get to the gym, but tonight I'm really not excited becuse I lost my Ipod. I think I left it in Taber, and I honestly want to cry. I hear those Ipod shuffles are like 40 bucks.... I think I might actually go get one after work, load up some music and head to the gym...

So I really don't know when it's time for a post to end... do I just stop typing at the end of a story and hope everyone realizes its the end... or do I say.." thats all for now folks.... signing out" haha I'm just werid I guess... I don't even think anyone reads this. hopefully I'll learn to put up pictures soon...and do cool things with it, because I think I could have fun with this.... I actually know one person is reading this. Sarah said she'd kick my butt if I didnt update it, hopefully I'll be able to update it everyday with my stats....

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Anonymous said...

YOU BOUGHT A JEEP!! What kind? Where from? What did you do with your old one? Crazy!! I got stuck on my way home in that crazy snow storm! I had to spend the night in the Hat because of it! Ahh... I have stories to tell you about last night :) You would be shocked how many people read blogs and don't comment. I have like 75 people who want to be added to my blog and I sometimes get lots of comments on a post (I think the most was 40) and sometimes I get none :) I love your blog btw... and yes, I will kick your butt if you don't update it!