Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And so it begins!

So I still don't think I have this whole "blogging" thing down.... I see how everyone else has friends on their lists, and I know that I have friends that blog and I don't know how to get them to be my friends....who knew this would be sooo stressful.... oh well I'll just sort of go with the flow, and just write...

So I have to be very honest... I'm kind of a slacker, and unless I have people to answer too I usually let things slip.... soooo I guess this is where I become accountable to everything I say on here...... but before I do that... I guess I should kind of just start off by introducing myself, where I've been for the last few years and what not... I probably won't dwell too much on the past(the bad things) and just focus on the future and all the positive things! So here goes.... I graduated highschool in 2004, moved straight down to Utah to go to school... I took a bunch of random classes... looooved it, ended up taking some massage therapy classes, deciding that I really loved it, and I wanted to work with althetes. I worked with the Football/Rugby teams down there and absolutely loved it!! I had so much fun while I was down there... but definately now that I look back on it I was really young, inmature and would do sooooo much over again if I got the chance. Some unfortunate circumstances brought me back home to CAAAAAANADA before I was ready, and I've been here ever since.... and go back to Utah every chance that I get!! When I first got home I lived with my parents to help me get back on me feet(literally) then I started working with a chiropractor...thought I'd try and give my massage skills a try.... decided I didn't really like it all that much, and it definately took a toll on me physically......coached some jr.high volleyball. I moved to Calgary and have been here for almost 2 years.... Some say this is the Utah of the north....buuuuut I'm not so sure about that. I guess I have high expectations since living in utah that tiny space there were mormon boys busting from every seam! Now I'm in Calgary... working at the Tom Baker Cancer Center(yeesss it's depressing sometimes) but it's a really good place! Soooo really all in all thats been my life for the last 4 years... now you know why I didn't really start a blog sooner....I'm sooooo boring!

Lately I've been thinking alot about alot of things... I feel so unaccomplished, there are just so many things I want to do. I want/know I will go back to school...but I don't exactly know WHHHHHAT for yet... maybe something to do with medicine...or medical admin... or maybe I'll take some writing classes and write one of those churchy self help books.... I've been back and forth emotionally lately, and I'm just trying to decide when I was the most happiest and how to make that an everyday thing..... which got me thinking about my hobbies... I loooooove painting.. I'm not the best but I would definately like to become good... I painted in highschool and a couple times since then...I would love to take some classes.... and I also love sport...playing, watching all of the above... sooooooooo since I'm not longer in highschool and there really are no organized sports teams for someone in my position I thought I would pick up something new! TRIATHLONS!..... yikes! I thought it was definately a good idea when I first thought of it, and it just so happens that some good friends of mine down in Utah do them regularily, so Rianne is setting me up with some training and I'm going to be doing my first Triathlon in May down in Salem Utah... I'm excited and scared all at the same time!! I'm excited because its going to teach me alot about myself, and its going to help me with goal making.... I eventually would love to do an ironman(in 20 years when I'm a hott 45 year old mom) I've got to start out somewhere.... so the Tri isn't until may but any of you who know me, should know that I hate doing stuff crappy... and I beat myself up alot if I'm not great right off the bat.... sooooooo I have really high expectations with my first triathlon time.... I will be realistic but I really want to do it in a good time... SOOOOOOOO I'm starting training NOW!.....(speaking of training I really should be at the gym this very second....I'll go in a bit) So now that I've committed myself to doing this I will be blogging about my experience.... it will make me more accountable if I know someone is checking up on me!(hopefully atleast one person will read this) So I'm training for the sprint tri... .5mile swim,13mile bike and a 3.2 mile run...sounds pretty easy... I can do all of those things... at the gym the last few months(since sept I've been working on my bike....I've been going to the gym5-6 a week for a good 2 hours a day) and I've been doing better on my time... not to mention losing a little bit of weight..p.s I'm super stoked about that....because my physical appearance is definately something that I'm self conscious about! sooooo we'll just kill two birds with one stone..... in the last 2 weeks I've started running 3 days a week on top of my 20 mile a day bike ride and my weights.... my run is slowly coming down...I've got alot to work on...I'm coming off of a pretty seriously injury about two years ago and so I've been pretty sore after my runs, but I'm going to keep pushing thru it.... I'll learn alot about myself and what I can do.... I haven't really started my swim yet... I don't exactly know how well thats going to go over... I've been scuba diving for the last 10 years so I'm pretty confident in open I think with some practice, and a good swim coach(my bestie Saren) I will be good to go by May. So I'm really excited! I really want to coach basketball too.... I've just been all over the place for the last few years, hopefully next year I'll be in a good place, back in shape and have a handle on this whole life business so I can take on my next challenge! I'm not going to lie, but I've been a bit of a slacker since I got home from my last trip to Utah(last week, I'll blog about that later) I haven't been to the gym to much and when I do go its for like 90 minutes... you might say 90minutes is pretty good....but I'm looking for some serious results, and I spend 2+ hours a night at the gym.... soooooo I guess you could say I've definately been a slacker! I'm getting back on the bandwagon, and I'm trying to remotivate myself..... soooo if anyone has any motivating tips they'd be great!

I've got a few adventures to catch up and blog about, but I'll have to save those until tomorrow.... because I need to get my little butt to the gym. I haven't officially started training for my tri yet. I'm waiting for Rianne to send me her training stuff, so hopefully january 1st is when I can officially start, but I guess I'm just trying to keep my endurance up. I'll probably blog everyday once I've actually started training.... I'm a pretty good little journal keeper, so I think that it won't be a problem to keep up with this, if I can just get it figured out!

Well I'm off to the gym... I'll keep you posted on my stats.....most of them...ha ha I probably won't keep you posted on my weight(we'll wait til I get that number down a little bit more) I was doing really well.... from sept til about two weeks ago, but I definately think I've hit a stand still..... so hopefully this blog will help me kick start it.... I've got big plans for 2009...good thing I don't have a life, because I've signed up for a couple spin classes, some swimming and the gym will take up most of my really... and I wonder why I'm still single.... HA!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! I am going to hound you if you don't update it regularly! LOL

Kinsey said...

You're so cute Lachele!