Saturday, September 15, 2012


When I heard Miranda Lambert was coming to Canada I got SUPER exited.

When I heard she was going to Lethbridge on a Thursday night I was annoyed.

I wanted to go to her concert buuuut- didn't really want to drive 2.5 hours to see her then back on a work night(I know I'm such a grandma. bed time is 10pm SHARP)

Megan called me last week and she had row THREE seats and a full tank of gas. So natrually I agreed to go

The drive down to Lethbridge was full of subway, and pistol annies and some Miranada. We arrived, picked up our tickets and headed to get our LAMBERT shirts.

It was such a good concert, and it got me SO pumped to be heading to the Carrie Underwood concert in a few weeks.

Thanks Megan for taking me with you!

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