Saturday, September 15, 2012


I think one of the things I'm most worried about with moving to Provo is PACKING.

I hate packing. I hate moving. Ugh.

All summer my apt had an ant problem. It was the WORST. Our landlords finally got around to getting it fumigated. We had to take everything our of every room and pile it into the middle of the rooms.


Stab out my eyes.

I've downsized a lot over the last few moves. Since I'm going to be moving to another country and only have my jeep I need to REALLY downsize.

This alone stresses me out. How do people pack up their WHOLE houses?

I sat down this morning and I've made a schedule. {does anyone else ever find the minute they write something down they automatically feel so much better?} but I had a lot less anxiety after making a schedule.

-Getting rid of clothes I don't wear.
-Getting rid of Kitchen supplies I'm not taking to Provo
-Getting rid of the boxes of junk you think "Oh I'll want this one day"
-Getting rid of all of my decorations {Pinterest will help me make new ones in Provo}

Whoever wants to come and help me go through boxes is MORE than welcome ;)

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