Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I love the month of January. It's the month of my birth.

I love that it has been a steady +14 degrees in Calgary since Christmas. It' pretty much fall weather. Which is my favourite season ever. The universe loves me. Now I just need to pull out all my fall clothing.

I love that I have finally decided where my big trip for this half of the year is going to be...
ECUADOR!! I am going to go volunteer in an orphanage for two weeks. I am going to play with babies, and I am going to love those little kids, and I am going to let them teach me how to be humble. How to be grateful for the little things in my life. Anticipating the way this trip will change me. Is changing me.

I love that I have the redecorating bug. Stay tuned for some adorable pillows I'm making. And. Some aprons. And a new duvet cover that I am designing. *who knew.. Me. Me. Would be having fun making bracelets. Making super cute necklaces. I am loving this new hobby of mine.

I love that I have been fulfilling my new years resolution of not being a spectator in my own life. Everyday. More than once a day. I think. "Am I being a spectator in my life today" If the answer is yes. Then I do something to make it 'extra special" if I've already done something memory worthy. I become thankful. This is going to be a great year.

This year. I am going to become certified to be a spin instructor.

This year I am going to get my dive on.

This year I am going to find joy in my journey.

I love blogging. I've always been a journal writer. Always. I love my blog.

I am so happy right now.
Things are finally going my way.
I am looking forward to what this year brings. The good. The bad. And. The ugly.
**but hopefully more good**



Rach and Tay Campbell said...

are you going with OSSO? Cuenca or Quito?? - I spent 6 months in Cuenca with those kids. life altering.

Lachele said...

Yah. OSSO. I put down on my application that I didn't care which orphanage I was sent to. I am so excited.

Rach and Tay Campbell said...

I can't wait to hear about every second